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Hair is a big deal for me, keeping it in my head for the last 4 years is an even bigger deal since I started suffering with hair loss 3 years ago. I have never been, nor will I ever probably be, one of those girls who is blessed with a full head of silky, swish-y hair. It also makes me shudder when I see the amount of hair that comes out my head in the shower. Those that have had this before know it can be scary and upsetting. I’ve gotten along with hair “preservation” shampoos in the past, a favorite being Salon Science Swiss Apple (read more on that here) so I was excited to give Full Potential a go.

What is it

Hair that looks good is one thing but if our hair strands are the flowers then the scalp is the earth it grows from (stay with me). In order to keep hair healthy and prolong it’s growth keeping the “soil” in optimal health is necessary. Errr, so yeah, in case that was a bit confusing we are still talking about hair and not gardening… Bumble’s latest haircare line, Full Potential, focuses on making your scalp the best environment it possibly can be for hair to grow in healthily and stay in your head for as long as possible.

The “preservation” blend in this collection contains Creatin, a strengthening sealant for hair to to help it become strong and resilient. UV absorbents stop the strands from incurring environmental damage and menthol increases blood flow to the scalp to encourage new hair strength.

Interestingly the shampoo has a non-physical exfoliator to remove dead skin and product build. There’s something quite satisfying about the sound of that. The conditioner is designed to create density and volume without feeling weighed down. The Booster Spray is an add-on that is to be spritzed onto areas that are prone to damage in a breakage ie: the face framing strands and mid lengths to ends.

My thoughts

The scent of the shampoo is quite herbal smelling with some menthol, almost aroma-theraputic which pleases me greatly, it has a lovely lather too. Once washed my hair feels fresh and volumised. My scalp feels fresh and cleansed but not tight and itchy like it can be after cleansing shampoos. The conditioner is lovely for decreasing tangles and my hair feels really slinky once I rinse. I spray the booster spray onto the areas that are most effected with damage and breakage and style as normal.

Post styling my hair doesn’t feel sticky or weighed down and I have some added volume making my hair look and feel fuller to the touch. An extra bonus to this regime is that my hair can push 3 days without re-washing 🙂

Bumble products aren’t cheap so if you were wanting to invest in just 1 products I’d go with the Shampoo as it’s quite clearly the hero of the range. If you want the full effect they do offer a mini travel sized range linked in my shop the post section below.

As someone who suffers from dandruff, fine hair and frequent hair fall I think Full Potential has all the potential for being a great match for me.

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