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I am already a massive french skincare advocate, I almost don’t want to fall in love with another brand because my stash is getting beyond ridiculous.

Britain’s salutation to french skincare means the market has exploded and beauty e-comms sites are cashing in. have recently launched a “French Pharmacy” on their website completely dedicated to French skincare making cult brands like Nuxe, Klorane & Biofane much more accessible.

With their ever-growing presence in UK beauty stores Caudalie has caught my eye on several occasions,I thought it was about time I gave this French beauty brand a go.

I was having a mid afternoon beauty browse and on impulse bought the Caudalie Travel Kit which seemed like a cost effective way of trialling a few of their products.

In the kit


Caudalie Beauty Elixir 30ml

I’m going in strong with this cult product, a favourite of Lisa Eldridge and beauty blogger Amelia Liana, this product, although some what redundant skin-wise, is a little spray of dreams. BEAUTY ELIXIR contains an intoxicating mix of grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary. It will perk up the most tired faces.

I sometimes forget that a beauty product doesn’t need to have all-singing all-dancing benefits to be on my lust list. This product embodies everything pleasant and indulgent about beauty. To summarise, this is a gorgeous little non-essential, a mood-lifter, a little luxury. We don’t need a beauty elixir but we all want one. A definite re-purchase.

Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Water 50ml

Caudalie’s take on miceller water which I reviewed here on my miceller post. It’s not Bioderma but it is great for senstive skin. A winner with dry skin too as it has glycerin in it to soften. The petite size makes it perfect to take with my on my travels.You can by the full size verison here

Caudalie Lip Conditioner 4g

I did receive a full size version of this product in my discovery kit however, like most lip balms that float in and out of my life I have misplaced the sucker. No doubt it will reappear in time in a jacket pocket or bag. This product was lovely on my lips, comfortable, no thick residue left behind after a quick swipe, instantly hydrating. It soothes with (Caudalie’s go to ingredient) Grape-seed Polyphenols and Shea butter as well as Castor Oil.

For me 1 non-negotiable with the lip balms is they must NOT contain Parabens, parrafins or mineral oils, which actually counteract any moisturising or soothing effects a lip balm may have on your skin. This happens because the mineral oils are derived from petroleum, the petrol you put in your car, therefore have a warming, heating effect which although feels like it soothes on application in the long term will only dry out and aggravate chapped lips more.

Vaseline is the biggest con artist masquerading as a lipbalm! Even when I have the thirstiest, winter chapped lips I would still turn down a swipe of Vaseline.

Rant over. Caudalie lips balms contain NONE of the following: Phenoxyethanol, Mineral oils, Genetically modified organisms, Paraffin, Synthetic artificial colourings, Sodium laureth sulphate, Phthalates, Animal-derived raw materials.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream 30ml

Hand cream is hand cream right? Well no, not really… Although most hand creams instantly hydrate and soften, many contain silicones and mineral oils to achieve this, which in turn can feel heavy and greasy and you are left wondering when it’s going to hurry up and absorb already!

As far as usability goes Caudalie’s hand cream is super fast at absorbing and leaves no greasy film. It also contain the grape-seed and grape-oil extract which is great for anti-ageing. Keep this baby at your desk or in your handbag for on the go hydration.

Buy the full sized version here.

Moisturising Sorbet 10ml

When I first read moisturising sorbet I did a little scoff and eye-roll; “sorbet” is surely just marketing jargon used to tempt the senses. But how oh how I love this product! It’s truly is a sorbet; the frothy texture that spills out of the tube is super lightweight but ultra-hydrating. I wore this to bed and marvelled at how soft and clean my face felt the next day. Perfect under makeup, the Caudalie moisturising sorbet is a “sensitive skin saviour” with calming and soothing properties due to (you guessed it) grape and shea butter. Comfortable, natural niceness in a tube.

Get the full sized version here.

Although the discovery kit I bought is no longer available have this tasty looking offering you can buy here for £11.25!


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