IMG_7930Did I even just say that? I am totally in the camp of “well if the formula is that good just put it in a cream…”. Not anymore. I have been on a sheet mask mission this year, testing lots of different brands, each one as soppy and uninspiring at the next. The drip, they slide and for what? I peer into the mirror looking for the transformation. Nothing. In fact the majority of them irritated my sensitive skin.

So why am I writing a blog post about sheet masks if I hate them so much? Because *drumroll* I have found one that actually works, is a pleasure to use and has completely changed my mind.

IMG_7931 IMG_7933 IMG_7940 IMG_7944Introducing When; a Korean face mask brand who are killing it with their jelly masks. No longer will we put up with over saturated, ill-fitting, white gauze that slowly slides off your face as the minutes tick by.

When sheet masks are developed in a sort of jelly-like layer made from coconut juice that clings to your face. It hugs all the grooves and contours unique to your face shape and stays in place. They have covered all the bases by creating a mask for every occasion: post Traveling mask, a makeup base mask, late night tired skin mask, a cold weather skin mask… I have tried 3 from my When Special Package set and have been loving the fresh face that I uncover after use.

The Special package is also a really good deal as you get to self prescribe what your skin needs that day and at £7 each, the pack of 5 for £25 means you make a £2 saving on each mask! The masks come with the info cards you see above. Such a treat!

IMG_8164Me trying and failing to make a sheet mask look cute…

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