My hair and scalp, they got issues. First off, let me declare my hatred for my hair. They say hair is a woman’s ego, her crowning glory. I was not blessed genetically with the kind of full, luscious locks that many girls have. I can take all the vitamins on offer and it’s still fine and frizzy. Then there are my scalp issues. I have sensitive skin and have always suffered from an unbalanced scalp. I find a shampoo it likes then 2 weeks later it’s tight, itchy and flaky again. It’s also reactive to what I eat and the seasons. It can be extremely dry in the winter and if I eat too much refined sugar, or drink a lot one week, it can be particularly bad.

I always find haircare a difficult subject to blog about mainly because I have such specific needs from my regime but I wanted to share with you what I truly love and what works for me, because it might just work for you too!

I’m happy to report that the below regime has been working for me for 5 weeks now with zero scalp issues and my hair is more manageable and I seem to be getting somewhere with growing it back (my hair loss story is for another time).



Aveda Pramasana Purifying Scalp Cleanser

There are SO many scalp serums/exfoliators/cleansers out there and I have tried most of them with little or no relief.

This product gave me results from the first use but what makes it better than all the others is that I found it worked long after application and for days between washes. Through trial and error I’ve found that I only need to do the treatment once a week to keep my scalp flake free, healthy and calm.

Seaweed extract to help control and balance sebum levels, Lactobacillus, a probiotic to preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier, Tamanu Oil, a natural anti-oxidant to protect scalp from pollutions and external agressors.

The potion of ingredients made my scalp feel like it was breathing for the first time in years. It felt balanced.

It smells delicious and uplifting, like all Aveda products. The scent is neroli, grapefruit and cypress.

The whole Pramasana scalp range can be viewed here:

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72 Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

The only reason I started using this set was because it was advised as the aftercare following my Keratin Blow Dry treatment (more on that below). When you have a keratin blow dry you can’t use a shampoo with sulphates in it. Sulphates can be irritating on the scalp but it’s included in many shampoos because it helps produce the frothy lather when shampooing your hair. However, sulphates can cause cell damage and if you have sensitive skin like me, you are prone to irritation on the scalp as a sulphate will strip the scalp of natural oils while cleaning it, causing itchiness, and sometimes flakiness.

Nourishing Shampoo

A luxurious daily nourishing shampoo that provides anti-ageing properties to repair hair with each use. Infused with collagen. This shampoo enhances the hair to reduce frizz, increase moisture and create healthy, strong, shiny hair.

Hydrating Conditioner

Protect the hair you love with our daily use hydrating conditioner. A deeply satisfying moisturiser that will improve the most damaged of hair types. Its specially formulated properties protect against harmful daily sun exposure, pollution and UVA.

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72 Keratin Blow dry

Keratin blow dries have been around for a while but then suddenly lost popularity after it came to light that the formaldehyde in the formula was causing breathing problems for the stylists applying the treatment. Also, who wants formaldehyde on their scalp? No thanks. 72 Hair have been pioneering a keratin infused Brazilian blow dry treatment which is formaldehyde free. I had mine done before I went to Vegas last month. I decided to get one because I have so many flyaways from new hair growth and lots of frizz. The treatment not only strengthens the hair but makes it far more manageable and silky.

The treatment which I had at Tily and Carmichael in Soho took 3 hours and I had to leave my hair down and ironed straight for 3 days. I was not sure what to expect but the first wash and styling session after the treatment was an eye opener. Usually I blast my hair dry with a blow dryer (cue massive frizzy mess) then finish the style with tongs or straighteners to get a sleek finished look. I blasted my hair roughly after the first wash and my hair was just silky straight and smooth. This is with no product or styling efforts.

I am in my 6th week of the treatment which is said to last 3 months. It’s been great and I’m really happy with the results but I can start to see the effects waning now.

Available at all Toni & Guy salons.

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Aveda Shampure Dry Conditioner

This is a new find for me which I was recommended when visiting the Aveda salon last month. I was talking to my hairdresser as you do, about how I struggle to find a leave in serum or hair oil that hydrates my dry hair but doesn’t weigh it down and make it stringy and separate. Fine haired girls, you know what I’m talking about! He disappeared and came back with this Aveda Shampure Dry Conditioner. A thermal dry spray that instantly conditions, detangles and makes hair feel softer in between washes. It has a blend of organic jojoba and sunflower oils to condition and detangle hair, and when applied with heat it seals the hair leaving it feeling softer and full of natural movement.

I have been using it pre-styling and spritzing it on my hair between washes when it gets a bit dry. I love it. It is so well formulated. It’s PERFECT.

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So that’s about where I am right now with my haircare routine. It’s working wonders for me and it’s nice to have something steady in my beauty routine for once.

Do any of these products appeal to you? Have you tried any of these before with different or disappointing results?

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