IMG_7925I ain’t gunna lie to ya’ll I’m on the fence when it comes to natural skincare. SAAAY WHAT? Okay give me a second to explain; it’s that I don’t like it, I do! But it’s more that I love the “idea” of it. You see, I sometimes I struggle to find a natural skincare products that deliver results. The scenario; a pot of cream marked “the ultimate hydration”, it’s chock full of cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, my face is smothered, suffocated, pores blocks, dead skin cells clinging on, absorbing these food stuffs? It was this reasoning that has made me shy away from Lush face products for so long. I always feel that I was putting a salad on my face. I digress.

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Recently I have been testing out some skincare products from Antipodes, a NZ skincare brand who, to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t heard of until a few months ago. The products certainly sound appealing and the ingredients are natural… When I read the label some ingredients catch my eye that I already enjoy in other products and have seen the benefits of; Manuka honey, Grapeseed oil and Rosehip to name a few.

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Antipodes products totally agreed with my skin. I felt that they are hardworking, results driven and sensitive-skin friendly that doesn’t f**k with my makeup. One product I was most impressed by was Aura, the Manuka honey mask. This came into my life at a time when I was suffering from break outs on my cheeks. As soon as one went another popped up behind it, bastards. I had worked my way into a corner of using oil stripping and drying products to try and rid myself of spots and ended up over processing and dehydrating my skin. It was fragile.

I took a different course with the Manuka honey mask which is described for blemish probe AND dehydrated skin; a combination your rarely see being catered for in skincare. Manuka honey Active 20+ has amazing natural antibacterial properties in it to fight blemishes and avocado and grapeseed oil to hydrate. This product rocks my world.

IMG_7901 IMG_7903Another stand out product which had a medicinal results was the Saviour Skin Balm, chock full of the natural ingredients, this healing salve repaired the broken and sore skin around my nose after a rough cold. It has totara and tea tree, with antioxidant-rich echinacea and vinaza grape to optimise cell and skin repair and product type 3 collagen in human fibroblast skin cells (essential for healing broken skin). Sinks in quick too.

Two further products I am testing out are the Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream and the Kiwi Seed Eye Cream. Although I cannot comment on these as I’ve just started to use them, I will say that if Antipodes wants to grab more devotees then they should look at shaping/cleaning up the branding on these labels. For me it’s too busy and boring and lets down the rather gorgeous Manuka Honey Mask tube and a rather noteworthy natural skincare brand.

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