A very exciting launch happened a few weeks ago, actually it was a relaunch but a total newbie to me! Liz Earle has reformulated her shampoo and conditioner and also brought a beautiful hair protectant oil to the market. Read on for my 2 cents on this well-priced natural hair-care range!IMG_0100Presented to a group of bloggers along with a renown botanist James Wong and celebrity hairdresser Johnnie Sapong, Liz Earle talked us through her predicament; one of the formulas main ingredients supply ran out so they snatched the shampoo off the shelves and took the opportunity to reformulate with a more sustainable ingredient. Kalahari Melon Oil is the new wonder ingredient, rich in linoleic acid and omega-6 and also more ethically sustainable. Sounds about right, Liz.

Now with 1 shampoo and a conditioner to suit your hair type the products relaunch to market.

IMG_0072Botanical Shine Shampoo

All sulphate-free, the range is formulated with a luscious blend of botanicals. The shampoo is dubbed the “cleanse and polish” for the scalp with shea butter that leaves hair and scalp both nourished, cared for and cleansed and apple and orange extract to add shine to strands.IMG_0104Despite being sulphate free I did find it possible to get a good lather with the product if you add a little bit more water as you massage into the scalp.

I usually alternate with an anti-dandruff shampoo but haven’t had to since starting to use this product as my scalp has been well nourished although it didn’t banish the itchiness I sometimes get. Don’t worry you won’t get greasy strands from this either!IMG_0079Conditioners x 3

There are 3 conditioner options: Dry & Damaged with Shea butter, Normal Hair with Meadowfoam and Fine or Oily Hair with Black Cohosh which is said to reduce inflammation and increase oestrogen which makes me think this would be a good one for those who suffer with hair loss!IMG_0105All of them have the Kalahari melon oil and blue sea kale for strengthening and have a similar creamy consistency but the Dry & Damaged version being the most dense. Some people might find that the conditioners don’t give the hair as much of that slippy silky feel after use but that’s because these products are free of silicones and plastic stuff that coats your hair instead of nourishing!

I started with the Fine Hair version which I thought would be right for me but found it not moisturising enough for my bleached locks, moved to Dry & Damaged and have settled in the Normal camp! Liz said herself you might be surprised at which conditioner is right for your strands!

IMG_0098Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil

For some extra TLC and manageability the new Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil comes into play. Super lightweight, I was really impressed to have it tested in my dry hair without weighing it down and making it stringy. It protects against heat damage and increases shine and blow-styling time as well by reducing frizz. I am a fan!IMG_0106All shampoo and conditioner is only £10 a bottle which I think is really well priced so definitely give it a go.

Are you into natural and sustainable haircare? Would you give them a go?

Buy the Liz Earle Haircare products here.

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