Emjoi MicroPedi: Last Minute Mothers Day Gift!


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That day is approaching, the one where we shower our lovely mothers in gifts, cards, chocolate, buckets of gin (just my mum?) and generally say thank you for all the lovely things she has done for us/put up with throughout our lives.

Having been uber busy launching my new lacquer business I have left everything a little late and except for a totally LOL card from Paperchase I’m a Mothers Day Gift = 0, Naughty Daughter = 1.

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How exciting when I get a lovely email inviting me to spend an afternoon getting a pedicure with Emoji Micro Pedi (£29.99) at the Soho Hotel. They asked me to bring my mum along but she doesn’t live in London so I brought the next best thing, lovely Mum of two, Atima (Insta-famous nail blogger of Nails By Nemo). Me and Atima (my stand in Mum for the day) got to trial Micro Pedi by Emjoi. You know when you go for a pedi at the local Chinese salon because, let’s face it it’s cheap and quick, they do that thing where they get out a razor blade and slice off the bottom of your feet? It makes me shudder thinking about it! Not to mention it’s totally dangerous and a squirm the whole time, but stomping around the city in heels all the time means the hard skin on the bottom of your feet gets abused to say the least.

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I didn’t even squirm whilst the pedicurist whizzed over my feet in a matter of seconds producing a little pile of foot dust (gross I know). Once my tootsies were prepped and painted I ran my feet over the carpet and they were silky smooth. We were all super impressed and I can get on board with something that takes little or no time at all to remove weeks of hard skin build up. Micropedi is an awesome gadget and it’s tiny and not cumbersome at all, so will fit neatly into a toiletries or nail bag. The bit that I really loved was the Manicure add-on kit (£15) which you slot in and the Mircropedi turns into a manicurist kit! Which is amazing because with my new business I am constantly manicuring models hands for shoots, perfect for my kit.

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Guys if you have left things a bit last minute this year treat your mum to this nifty little gadget and a pretty nail polish to match and she will love it! Micropedi = 1, Good Daughter = 1.

Micropedi is available at all good Boots stores for £29.99.

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