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Itchy and flaky skin on your face and body is a common side effects of winter temperature drops. Maybe just as common and yet less talked about is a dry and flaky scalp, which can happen to the best of us and can also be a result of harsher and colder weather conditions as well as allergies and general sensitivity. Let’s have a chat!

IMG_8870I suffer from a sensitive and itchy scalp all year round, although it can become even more irritated and flaky in the winter months which can drive a girl mad! I am not alone though, my friend Anna actually What’s Apped me today saying she had “a crazy itchy scalp” and that she “needed a scalp facial, does that even exist?”.


I sit in the salon chair at Andrew Jose’s 1 Charlotte street salon as I type this long over due post. Andrew Jose has been my go to salon since earlier this year and he has recently been appointed the brand ambassador for my favourite shampoo range Salon Science. There is nothing glam, per say, about this haircare range but that doesn’t bother me, because like skincare, the scalp needs TLC and results driven by science not smoke and mirrors!

I have been a religious user of their Swiss Apple anti-aging hair range for most of 2014 due to a traumatic hair loss I experienced two years ago. Now my hair is nearly all grown back I am here for a scalp consultation to see if they can sort my dry and itchy scalp which has been exacerbated by the drop in temp.

My Scalp Prescription 

I’ve tried A LOT of products over the years; everything from the most common remedies like Head and Shoulders to anointing myself with tree tea oil and scrubbing my head with a scalp exfoliator (a disaster that went straight into the bin). I am here to tell you what works for me!

Everyone has different needs and my scalp cocktail may not be best suited to you, but I’ll be happy if I can offer you insight into some really good products.


The salon Science range is fabulous brand that launched in 2014. They have sensible and considered hair care ranges that can be prescribed for most hair and scalp ailments with some great proven science behind them. Great for sensitivity suffers, science that works and super soft and fresh hair after each wash which extends for days after.

You can read my previous blog on The Swiss Apple range here. I am now using the Swiss Grape range which is an ultra hydrating range to replenish scalp follicle and hair shaft with moisture.

I use the shampoo from this range during the colder months for extra scalp TLC and moisture boost.

IMG_8874Aquacacteen Scalp Mask on the left, Swiss Apple anti aging mask on the right

Scalp Mask

I follow up with the AQUACACTEEN HYDRASORB INTENSIVE MASQUE from the scalp care range within the Salon Science brand. I LOVE THIS MASK! It has a delicious and refreshing tingling sensation to soothe and increase blood flow to the scalp that lasts long after you step out the shower. The mask has anti-irritant actives and the soothing properties and ultra-hydrating, water-binding compounds of a rare Organic Cactus which hydrates and soothes the scalp. I massage this into the hair line and my parting but don’t bother with the hair shaft, it’s too precious for that, trust me!


After rinsing I use the Swiss Grape Conditioner on my mid length and ends or if I want some extra conditioning the Swiss Apple Anti-Aging Masque.


Suffering from a sensitive scalp means that a moisture boost and/or HP balancing won’t always keep it itchiness at bay. When this happens I supplement my regime with an extra shampoo of Head and Shoulders. I can’t fault this shampoo’ it’s medicated and it does work as it’s just focused on dandruff more than anything which is why I add it into my regime rather than let it dominate.

If I am sensible and dedicated I can live like a normal person and be flake and itch free.

All of the Salon Science range is available at Boots, click here.

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Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub Aquacacteen

Eucerin Calming Urea Shampoo

Neutrogena® T/Gel® Therapeutic Shampoo

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