This is one of my most favourite past times; The Spa at Home Day. A much more cost effective way of giving yourself some well needed/deserved self-indulgence, rejuvenation and most importantly YOU time.

I like to think I’m hitting the “reset button” on my entire body as the “treatment menu” I’m going to share with you is administered top to toe and takes a few hours to complete, which is exactly what any spa experience should be like.

Turn the kettle of and brew your favourite detoxifying tea (mines a fresh mint) and let’s dive in.

The Prep List

A Towelling Robe or your choice of Leisurewear

A Towel Turban (to add to the “spa-like feel”)

A tidy and clean space for relaxing in

Plenty of Herbal Tea or Lemon Lime and Mint Detox Water

Magazines, Books or a Kindle for entertainment

An Internet and Phone-free environment


1. Detoxify, Exfoliate, Brighten

We are going to kick things off in the bathroom. If you live alone or with a partner great, otherwise you may want to pick an afternoon when your housemates aren’t home unless roaming around in a bikini in front of them doesn’t bother you.

I have this amazing new mud body treatment from Temple Spa. This baby will detoxify your ass! Not literally, but figuratively. Unless you put it on your ass, that’s totally up to you…

It comes in a gorgeous jar with a dry body brush. You can smell the eucalyptus before you even open then tub, I’m immediately transported back to the Hamam’s in Marrakech. Get into that bikini or strip down and using the dry body brush, starting from ankles brush the skin upwards (always towards the heart) with medium pressure. Do this across the entire body. It might feel a little harsh at first but you get used to it. Dry brushing is an amazing way to boost circulation, exfoliate off all your dead skin and remove toxins. 15% of the day toxic waste comes out through the skin daily so dry body brushing is great way to brush this away. Also if using long term it’s fabulous for for firming up skin and cellulite-y areas.

Once you’ve done that scoop out a handful of Temple Spa’s Glorious Body Mud and warm between hands. Get slathering onto the body focusing particularly on rough or dull patches (saddle bags, bingo wings, back, dat ass ;). This will take approx. 10-15 mins to dry depending on how thick yo put it on. Its’ not an ideal scenario but well worth the wait as this Glorious Mud rehydrates skin whilst detoxifying and relaxes muscles. Ingredients include Kaolin Clay, seaweed (for metabolism) and a gorgeous blend of essential oils including rosemary, juniper and grapefruit. Oats and Aloe leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. You will get 2 treatments out of a tub.

Once you’ve dried off, or are too bored to wait any longer, rinse off under a hot steamy show or soak it off in a hot epsom salt bath.  My Spa at Home soap of choice is always a shower oil so as to add in as much hydration as possible after cleansing the skin. My recommendation is the Rituals White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren Caring Shower Oil. I’m loving using this especially as my skin is really dry right now. This goes on as an oil but foams to a rich creamy lather. The scent is soothing on the senses and had a slight whiff of almonds. Get out the tub if you can and towel dry yourself.


2. Moisturise

Everyone has their own favourite body creams and butters so feel free to use what you love here. As this is a day when I am massively indulging I reach for one of my high-end body creams so I can truly bask in the beautiful scent it leaves behind on the body. My top pick is Dr Hauschka’s Lavender and Sandalwood Calming Body Cream because for me this day is not just about hitting reset on my tired and neglected body but my overworked and stressed out mind too. OMMMMH.


3. Some Hair Healing

At Home Spa day is the perfect opportunity to do an intensive hair masque as my hair puts up with sky high levels of abuse on a daily basis. I have been using my SP Wella Luxe oil for about a year now and haven;t found one I like more. I use this pre-styling every time but for a more intense treatment it can be applied root to tip on wrung out damp hair and wrapped in clingfilm around your head. Once I do this I put on the little white towel turban so I don’t look like a complete freak and it amplifies the feeling of being in a spa. Leave on for at least 30 mins (hours if you have the time) then rinse with warm water.


4. Face TLC

Probably the bit of our bodies we pay the most attention to on a day-to-day basis but our moisturisers are only surface treatments. A face mask should always be a prescriptive ritual. For my At Home Spa sessions I usually do a couple of masks for a multi benefit experience.

Often when I do end up having a spa day it’s because I feel like I need to be rejuvenated in more ways than one. Upon writing this post I am suffering with dry and sensitive weather beaten skin. No kidding, I look like I’ve aged 5 years. With that in mind I am reaching for 2 current favs: Dr Hauskca Firming (minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nurturing and hydrating and smoothing skin) and Soothing (calms and balances my sensitive, reddened and irritated skin) masks. These are a bit of a luxury for me and I only use them about once a month. My skin loves them.

By now you should be suitably detoxified and have supple and soft feeling skin and your hair mask should be on in your clung film turban hat thing. Get into your leisurewear and apply your first mask. If using a multi mask approach remove each masque with a muslin cloth warmed under the tap and wring out. You can maximise your time by face mask mapping, read more on this here.

Other Mask Favs


Post mask activities you’ll want to apply your usual serums and moisturisers. I spritz on a little Caudalie Beauty Elixir first. This is more for the experience more than anything. The oils in this are very spa like and make me feel all kinds of zen. An extra step that I like to do between serum and moisturisers is use my Jade Roller. I suffer from facial tension quite badly (I blame you technology) so a jade roller not only helps to unknot tension but aids in lymphatic drainage in the face area. You can pick these up from Amazon for a fiver!

If your eye area needs some extra TLC treatment loaded eye patches are a luxurious way to boost hydration levels whilst minimising lines and and de puffing. My current favs are these cooling jelly Guerlain Super Aqua eye patches. Pop them on with or after your masks and move to your next treatment.


5. Hands & Feet

For me one of the most uplifting feel good experiences is getting a buff, shape and fresh lick of paint on my nails. Hands and feet are other areas that can be neglected due to time restraints. I always take the time to do a mani/pedi during my At Home Spa Day.

For rough dry cracked feet I get out my Micro Pedi which literally blitzes away all dry skin on my heels. Luckily I’ve been in trainers for most of the winter so my feet are in pretty good condition.

Once you’ve done the nail work on your talons; shape buff and cuticle work I like to fortify the nail plate with some treatments. Nails INC have recently launched 2 new express nail  treatments. The first is a nail Growth Treatment Powered by Matcha powder (green tea leaf powder) that comes in a gel  base is rich in complexes and chlorophyll content, which protects the nail from damage and revitalises the keratin of the nails. I love the Vitamin A & E microbeads that burst onto the nail bed when applied which means you can skip the nail oil.

The second is a complete nail treatment that should be applied if you are going polish free for a bit. The Overnight Detox mask is the perfect treatment for weakened or brittle nails. The ingredients list reads like the healthiest smoothie going! The water-based formulation contains Green Tea, Acai Berry and Spirulina, which has a high chlorophyll content, stimulating healthy nail growth – perfect for recuperation between gel manicures. It washes off in the morning leaving nails nourished. A nail mask….whatever next.

I finish with my latest nail polish obsession Butter London’s Sheer Wisdom Tinted Moisturiser for nails. This is the perfect no nail polish polish for days between lacquer to give your nails a break with added benefits and a gloss of colour, just like your fav BB cream. I use shade Light.


6. Ambience

I am super sensitive to my environment so if you’re like me you’ll want to do your At Home Spa day in a clean and tidy room with a candle burning for some ambience. My latest flame is the Ritual Under a Fig Tree candle, which has a lovely calming aroma. They do say that Buddha first found enlightenment under a fig tree.

Tuck away all tech (with the exception of kindles) and everything that connects to the internet, turn the phone to silent and put it out of reach if you can. Although I’ve never done a tech detox for more than half a day I find that making my spa afternoon a tech free one greatly increases my state of relaxation.

Thinking of having a spa day? What products from this treatment menu have caught your eye? Let me know what products make your spa time extra indulgent?

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