IMG_6447You can almost never say forever in the ever changing ever advancing world that is the beauty world. However, saying that, the more products I test and try the more standout the real products heroes in my collection are.

Here are a few products that this girl can live and die by…

IMG_6430IMG_6432 IMG_6456 IMG_6444 IMG_6467Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser

I have honestly lots count of the amount of times I have raved about this product (plug plug plug). I do feel that everyone should give it a go no matter what your skin type is either. If it ain’t for you fine, but if is this then you will most likely be a lifelong convert as well. Liz got the magic formula right and although the brand continues to bring out new scent combos yearly, I will never tire of the original Eucalyptus formulation. My skin loves this the most. The legacy of the hot polish cleanse lives on in the form of the muslin cloth even when I am testing other cleansers. I live and die by Liz Earle.

Eccentric Molecules Molecule 01 Perfume

This is an interesting inclusion on the list. I find the story and composition behind this (non?) fragrance enthralling. Molecule iso Super E is a synthetic imitation of pheromones and there is no added scent this perfume so it’s kind of not even a perfume. I have heard perfumers disdainfully disregard the Molecule invention as it requires no perfumers skill in blending together fragrance. But I love it because it is the perfect non scent scent.

Let me explain; worn alone or with another perfume to create something unique, Molecule adapts differently to everyones natural skin smell and emulates your most desirable pheromone scent. I feel like I have a dirty secret when I wear this, everyone loves it and nobody knows why.

Chanel Coco Rouge in Adrienne

I have never been more taken with a lipstick and yes that excludes Charlotte Tilbury’s Very Victoria Matte Revolution. I always thought myself more of a dusky rose, matte everyday lipstick sorta gal and the words nude and glossy would never make the cut. It turns out a nude that has a subtle sheen to it became my most reached for lipstick this year. Adrienne Chanel Coco Rouge finishes any makeup look, is a pleasure to wear, is the height of luxury and never fails to make me feel fabulous.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluid

Toleriane which I’m guessing translates to some along the lines of meaning tolerant is certainly a good way to describe the most agreeable moisturiser my skin has ever met. As a beauty blogger I am constantly trying new products, not all are a success with my skin but I can return to this sensitive, calming and hydrating fluid and re-balance my skin within a week. It’s no oily and super fast at absorbing so is excellent for under makeup. Perfect for dehydration, intolerant and split personality skin, just like mine.

Nuxe Rev de Miel

This lip balm is pretty much the product that made me start blogging. You know when you feel like you have discovered answer to everyones problems? For me it when I discovered Nuxe’s Rev de Miel and i began bestowing the knowledge onto dry lip sufferers everywhere.

Matte, natural, hard-working, faultless and lasts a about 10 months; is why I will use this forever.

What are YOUR lifelong beauty companions. Please share below!

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