IMG_1720 copyThe tools we use to apply our faces are super important, sacred to some, depending on how much you’ve invested into your brush collection.

Mine has grown steadily over the last year and now is at a count of 11. I use at least three of these brushes every time I do makeup and I use all of them when I’m doing a full on nighttime look.
Each one is special and does something different and would unbalance the group should it not be around. Read on for the breakdown.

IMG_1720IMG_1708The Big Fluffy One

Everyone needs a big fluffy brush. Usage may vary; I swing between bronzer and powder, but this is mostly for bronzing my whole face and neck, give or take shoulders and chest area. My fav is Real Techniques big fluffy brush; soft, fluffy, huge and affordable. Just right.

Get it here.

Blush & Highlighter Brush

This is my blush/highlighter brush. It’s more tapered than a traditional blush brush and that’s because I used it to contour in the beginning. Blush application has become somewhat of an art these days, working with the contours of your face to better improve you pallor and bone structure. This one is from eBay!

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Contour Brush

There’s a brush for that! This is the newest recruit to the group – I’m loving using this contouring brush with my never ending collection of contouring products. It has the same great fluffy texture as the RT setting brush but is more tapered with a bit of a backbone. It does work with powder contour products too but it’s a dream with creme formulas.

Get it here.

IMG_1706Setting & Blending Brush

I’m just gunna say it….this is the best brush I have ever used. It gets more use than any tool in my makeup bag and it’s simply a dream. If you have it you’ll agree. Named “Setting brush” I assume this brush is for precision setting with powder after makeup application. It is great for this but what I really love it for is buffing in my concealer. I tend to use concealer more than foundation and this brush helps me to buff out products beautifully without removing product. If you don’t have one get one!

Get it here.

Creme Blush Brush

This tapered brush is a mini from MAC and traditionally is a foundation brush (back when people making foundation brushes didn’t know what they were doing). Why anyone would use this for foundation is beyond me, it does a horrific job of blending and more or less just moves the formula around your face leaving streaks. I now use this mini as my creme/liquid blush brush when I’m feeling refined enough not to use my fingers. Great for colour control.

Get it here.

IMG_1706Blemish Concealer Brush

When I’m sitting down to do makeup “properly” aka have more than 15 minutes to spare, I apply concealer to blemishes like a pro with my Amazing Concealer Brush. The tiny brush head means you can apply product direct to the blemish.

Get it here.

Tight Liner Brush

Laura Mercier MUA Sascha showed me the tight lining technique with this brush. It was one of those eureka beauty moments when I realised I could line my eyes corner to corner and pull it off! I have close together eyes so lining from inner corner to edge was always a NO for me until I learnt how to cleverly tight line the inner waterline/lash-line and my life was complete.

Get it here.

IMG_1707Eyeshadow Brushes

I rarely wear eyeshadow unless I am going out at night or to an event. There’s 3 tools I need for eyeshadow depending on how dramatic the look. RT Eyeshadow starter kit is perfect for allowing me to add a base shadow and the larger crease brush helps create smokey eye looks and digs shadow into the socket. The teeny brush is great for blending a little shadow under the eye without looking like you’ve been punched.

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