Naturtint Hair Mask & Dr Lewinns Snap-8 Serum: Product Review

Good Morning, afternoon or evening everybody. Today I have been chained to Adobe editing suite whilst putting together campaign banners for the new Lacquer Lab collections, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to simulataneously trial some new products!

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First on the agenda is Naturtint Nutrideep Multiplier Protective Cream. I hadn’t heard of this brand before. I believe they are a natural American Haircare company and they specialise in gentle, permanent hair colourants, free from AMMONIA, RESORCINOL and PARABENS. The Nutrideep Multiplier Hair Mask is a treatment used to protect hairs colour and external damage. It is full of wheat protein which is an excellent strengthner for your strands and claims to reduce breakage of up to 80%! My hair is very dry and has years of bleaching through the ends. I’m sensing the lemon extract will be wonderful for extracting the brassiness from the bleach.

On the bottle it recommends only a 2-min in the shower jobby, but I have time on my hands so I apply allover, comb through and sport a sumo top-knot for 3 hours. My hair feels soft and nourished when I rinse out the product but I opt to put my normal conditioner on top as well as my hair doesn’t feel as soft I had hoped. I am hesitant to heat style because I noticed my natural waves are forming into frizz free curls, something that rarely happens on its own. After heat styling it does feel about 30% softer than after my usual routine. I would recommend this product for gals who like to die their hair red as this colorant is notorious for not keeping well, Naturtint might be worth adding to your haircare routine. My blonde ends look like they have lifted a few shades but not as much as I would get from using my purple shampoo. 6/10

Available here or Holland and Barratts for £7.99 

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 “We like to call it the drink of water for your skin that everyone should know about.” – Dr Lewinns

My second product I am actually pretty excited about! Again, another brand I hadn’t heard of, Dr Lewinns Private Formulas (I know, have I been living under a rock?!). I am trying out their Line Smoothing Complex S8, Super Hydrator (£32.80 – currently on sale). The exciting bit is the use of S8 (Snap-8) which is a Sodium Hyaluronate Cogongrass Extract (mouth-full) said to be an alternative to Botox! 

If you are seeing a few fine lines starting to appear and are too young to opt for an injectable solution then this might be worth a gander. The low down here is the hydrator (oil free) serum works with your daily moisturiser to hold onto the essential fatty lipids and plump out fine lines and wrinkles giving your face a smoother more plumped up appearance.

It says apply twice daily, but realistically who has time to do that, so once will have to  suffice. I apply after cleansing and toning as normal. It doesn’t say on the bottle where I should put it so I just apply it all over my face, including my neck. The light gel-like formula absorbs quickly. It feels a little like a glycolic treatment because my skin is tingling and tightening within minutes. In fact I can feel it tightening still and it’s been 30 minutes since I applied it. The next step is to apply your normal daily face cream and we are good to go. I used a delicious Rose scented Reviving Day Cream by Urban Veda which you can purchase here (£14.99), a new natural skincare brand I first discovered in last months Birchbox.


Overall, I think Dr Lewinns is onto something here. The Super Hydrator element to this product is great. My skin felt really supply and smooth all day, like my moisturiser was working over time. As far as the Line Smoothing Complex part goes, perhaps I am not the best Gineau pig as I don’t have any wrinkles yet (oh boohoo I hear you say). I shall pass this onto my mum and update you with her verdict! 8/10


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