BARE MINERALS skin careBare Minerals is the #1 selling foundation in the USA. It kinda makes you wonder why it took them so long to create what all successful makeup brands have; a supporting skincare line. Many makeup brands create a skincare line as a bit of after thought, a sideline money maker, with little expertise or groundbreaking science. Not Bare Minerals, who launched this June, their 10 years in the making skin care line.

It’s stylish, all encompassing and of course packed with mineral moisture technology.

 BARE MINERALS skin care BARE MINERALS skin care BARE MINERALS skin careThe line launches with 3 key categories: PURIFY (cleansing), EMPOWER (serum) and MOISTURISE (hydration), which reflects the 3 essential stages of skin care.


The Purify-(-ing) products are cleansers which are tailored to different skin concerns. They all sound absolutely incredibly it makes me want to mix them all into one big master cleanser :O. I have been using the Oil Obsessed which came recommended for my skin type. It’s a beautiful product! The lavender is so calming on the senses and the oil breaks down makeup and leaves skin supple and soft.

I’m also tempted to try the Clay Chameleon which is a pink clay consistency, great for drawing out impurities and detoxifying. The other options are the Pure Plush Gentle Deep Cleansing Foam a sensitive skin cleanser for deep impurity removal but non stripping and the Blemish Remedy, a crystal gel formula, oil-free for unclogging pores. Something for every face…

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 BARE MINERALS skin careEmpower

When developing the SkinLongevity serum Bare Minerals have looked to the island of Okiawa, the place where women live longest in the world. It’s actually nicknamed the Island of Long Life. On this island is a  little known herb named “Long life herb”, that thrives in the harshest of climes, that the islanders say is integral to their long lives and good health. It has more minerals and vitamins that spinach and kale! Erm, any chances I can grow this in a window box outside my flat? 

The formula (also contains Californian poppy and ginger extract) is designed to replenish renew and fortify skin whilst protecting against ageing and making it look more glow-y and radiant.

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 BARE MINERALS skin careMoisturise

Let’s start by stating that all 4 of the Bare Minerals moisturisers have Peptides, Amino Acids and Ceramides. They then focus on 4 different skin concerns: TRUE OASIS – an oil free replenishing gel cream for 0ily/combi skin, SMART COMBINATION – a smoothing lightweight Moisture-rich emulsion for oil-free hydration, BARE HAVEN – essential moisturiser for normal to dry skin types that gives smoother and supple skin. Finally, in the heavyweight category BUTTER DRENCH – a rich restorative cream for dry to very dry skin. I haven’t used this myself but a few of my peers found this broke them out as it’s very rich.

I have tried the Bare Haven which feels great and is not greasy on the skin. It’s the perfect middle ground moisturizer for dry yet combi-skin.

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Available at bareMinerals boutiques and Also available at department stores, Boots, QVC and salons & spas.

What would be your Bare Minerals 3 way skin combo? 

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