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Being in the beauty industry I sometimes feel that products get invented for the sake of invention and maintaining the “newness” factor. This is exactly what came to mind when Ren’s Flash Defence Anti-pollution Mist came through the door. I’m not hating, it’s just I’ve already got 6 steps of skincare on every day and now I have this ‘totally makes sense’ mist which I now HAVE to include. Is it worth a go?

Every time I step outside the office I feel almost suffocated by the fumes that envelop me, sometimes I walk a whole block, anxiously holding my breathe trying to avoid car fumes from a dodgy exhaust. This is no way to go about your life, unless you’re okay fainting every 3 mins due to lack of oxygen. But on top of that, the most damaging types of Pollution is the invisible stuff you don’t even see, taste or smell.

Anti pollution beauty products aren’t new; Clinique and Clarins have base products that protect skin from pollution already. Also there are a number of primers offering anti pollution properties too. So what makes this mist different?

How it works

Despite my grievances about extending my skincare regime a step further I like that this is a separate skincare step in itself. Something about the fact you are sealing your face with the mist makes it feel more shield like and less likely to be re-absorbed into your skin. Also, will it double up as a makeup setting spray?

In the city we are laid bare to UV light and environmental pollutants like exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and heavy metals that generate free radicals which has an oxidising stress on the skin which breaks the skins barrier causing cause ageing, inflammation and skin sensitivity.

When spritzed onto skin as the last step in your routine (after makeup) the Biosaccharide Gum containing Zinc and Manganese amino acids (well know anti-oxidants) and Queercetin and Alfa Glucan that repairs and detoxify the skins surface, is quite literally a bubble of protection.

Should you get it?

It you are a city dweller and spend time outside this is a must. By using this spray on shield skin is said to be protected against premature ageing that comes with exposure to pollution. Get it also if planning a city break this year.

My only grievance is it doesn’t contain an SPF which I wear daily. Because of that, I am not using the Anti-Pollution Mist everyday, but I always spritz some on if I know I’ll be outside and it’s a must for my city holiday travel bag.

Is this something you’d be interested in trying or does the idea of using another skincare product bore you to death?

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