Due to the nature of my second job (blogging) I get sent a lot of products to test out. This is something I’ll never take for granted. Hell, I still remember the ecstasy I felt the first time I received a pr sample through the post. 2 years later I still get butterflies ripping open bags of goodies, hoping to discover my next “can’t live without” to share with you guys.



I have a semi-structured editorial schedule for stylelobster.com. Any blogger reading this will relate; sometimes I find something that is just amazing but it’s not relevant to any of the content I am producing at the time. Other times my skin might change and something that was rolling around at the bottom of a box happens to be the magic remedy to said skin problem. Off the back of this comes my POTM blog series, the Product of the Month blog is a chance to shed the spotlight on anything that I have used and found to be absolutely fabulous.

Weleda’s Skin Food sat at the bottom of a gift bag for almost 6 months until I received a teeny tiny sample of the cream and it was then the magic happened. I chucked it into my handbag and it’s not left my side for a week

This year my skin is the driest it has every been. The harsh colds winds that have been blustering around my exposed face and hands have caused my skin to become so insanely dry and sensitized that my makeup no longer sits right. In fact it cakes about 5 mins after application and that’s with my serum, eye cream, moisturizer and primer beneath it. None of my moisturisers have managed to hydrate my skin enough, until at a last ditch attempt I squeezed out a blob of Weleda Skin Food and plastered it onto my face. Finally, relief.

Admittedly I had always thought this to be a hand cream, a manicurist I know uses it on all her clients. But guys, I was desperate. Anyway, it turns out it’s a bloody miracle rescue for extremely dry skin. My face sucked it up and 3 days later my skin is almost back to the way it was pre -2 winter winds.

I have been wearing this to bed and mixing it into my daily face cream as well. I am also using it on my lips. I don’t care! This stuff can go anywhere because it’s amazing and nourishing and Skin Food was exactly what my starved and withered skin was hungry for. So thanks Weleda, Skin Food is awesome and will mostly likely be one of those products that I love and use for a lifetime. Did I mention it’s only £9.99!?

This rich balmy cream smells of lavender and comes in a green metal tube and is available at Liberty’s and online on the link below.

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