A river of foundation coursed its way into the new year, so it makes total sense that riding that river was a school of new primer launches. Primer is probably one of my least explored beauty items. Perhaps because I never really felt the need for one, still even now I find myself reaching for one every other day, using only for full on makeup looks or when my makeup really has to go to distance.

Read on for a round up of my favourites and there’s bound to be one for your skin type too.




Too Faced Hangover Primer – For The Permanently Thirsty Skinned Gals

The Too Faced Hangover primer shows that primers have come on leaps and bounds since their beginnings in silicone valley. Pretty much a revolution in primer land, it tilts almost too far into skincare zone. This beauty has had no end of exposure in inner beauty circles recently and has already sold out plenty of times.

You won’t find an ounce of slippy-ness here, just a light creamy liquid with a whiff of coconut. The formula is hydrating and will guarantee to perk up tired or dull skin. It also brightens, hydrates and has no drying effects (yes!). It basically acts as a benefit-loaded base to your makeup, and if I’m right, isn’t that exactly what dry skin needs prior to makeup application? I also love that it has probiotic in it. Okay, maybe it’s a little gimmicky but I’m obsessed. A skin reVIVER.


Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start – The Best All-Rounder

This stuff is great! Basically when applied to the face it smoothes out a blurs everything; wrinkles, pores, blemishes and has a soft focus effect on the skin, like photoshop! IN A TUBE! The texture if soft and velvety, and although the tint is peachy pink, it blends beautifully into the skin making it great for yellower skin types. Time-release skin-balancing technology helps control shine beneath makeup. It’s not ideal for drier skin types but does well or normal/combi or oily skins.

I like to use this on my T-zone to combat the midday slick. But I need to moisturise well before hand and never apply on under eyes or rest of face or when the skin is slightly patchy. For normal skin types it works to combat oil and hydrate where needed, pretty smart. Good for sensitive skins too. I have a friend who loves this and she wears it alone and feels more confident about her skin on no-makeup days.

TIP: if you’re having a dry day or have slightly dry/normal skin try mixing in with the last step of your skin care to give yourself a hydrating boost.


Collection Reviving & Anti Fatigue Illuminating Primer in Apricot – The Drugstore Hero

Last month Collection launched their primer range! I’ve flirted with this budget brand a few times and have found some gems in their makeup lines that I still use today (the highlighter speed stick is a winner). The brand now offers 5 primers: this one in a rose tint, a Pore Minimising Primer with WITCH and an Illuminating & Reviving eye shadow primer. I trialled the Apricot version with peachy undertones and found it to be a very worthy contender in the primer stakes despite it’s teeny price tag of £4.99. I like the subtle peachy hue which perks up dull skin, it also didn’t dry me out as I don’t have a massive need for oil control it worked nicely as a base under my makeup.

Did it lengthen the wear of my foundation? Maybe by a couple of hours. But this is a theme I’m seeing in primers for the drier skinned folks, we need something hydrating but holding and it is essentially a double edged sword.

My advice? Find a nourishing primer that enhances the feel of the skin and makes sure you have a great skincare regime and then a use a moisturising powder for days when you need your makeup to go this distance.


Dermalogica Hydrablur – For A Flawless Base

I LOVE DERMALOGICA PRODUCTS so I have high hopes for this product. It comes in a foil white tube with a little squeezy device to feed the product out. The formula has small beads of coloured mica which gives the product a smidgen of colour when it’s applied to the face, which means even if you are blemish prone, you can wear a lighter base as this product is great at evening out skin tone, and minimising pores. The beads blend seamlessly and create a beautiful canvas for makeup; silky, matte and without imperfections. Again, this primer is for combination/sensitive & oily skin as it works to matteify skin throughout the day.


The Body Shop Wonderblur – TBH I’m On the fence

The Body Shop Wonderblur primer is part of the Drops of youth skin collection, which I am currently reviewing and will be up on the blog soon. So far I have loved the Drops of Youth line but the primer addition falls flat on its face for me. To me, the purpose of a primer is to wear under foundation and makeup. This product did not perform well under a face of makeup for my skin type at all. It dried me out so much that an hour after I applied my makeup the product had zapped all the natural oils from my skin making it looked parched and the makeup had cracked.

Although it wouldn’t be fair to leave the review here. I handed it over to my oily skinned housemate who happily put it to the test for the day. She reports that she had a little trouble applying her base post primer as it wouldn’t settle at first. This was counteracted with some serious buffing and she only had to touch up her powder once in the day and her makeup was intact for 8 hours. A good result.

Unless you have oily, blemish prone skin, stay away.

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