pureology_micro)scarred_hairIt’s that time of yearrrrrrrr…no not Christmas, or fashion week and no, not my birthday either. It’s time to switch up the old hair washing regime.

Haircare with all the science-y stuff is major news. It certainly attracts me to trying out a new brand. However, the consumer is a savvy muthaf***er. We no longer fall for all the made up science-y words like lubcrinucle, phytosmoothism, sexicle (?!) We want the science delivered black and white with results we can SEE. Thanks.

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Pureology Haircare is the cool LA sister to New York’s savvy hair brand Redken. She’s into green juices, beach times and yoga. She loves raw food, she might even be vegan. Pureology is the new vegan haircare system which has a staggering 8 prescriptive systems designed to look after your hair’s primary needs. All systems are formulated as colour care shampoos as well because who has virgin hair these days, anyway?

I arrive for my appointment with Dr, I mean, stylist Neil at the very trendy George Northwood salon and was told I have Mircoscarred hair. Come again, please? Micro scarring on hair is a super scary way of saying my hair is shot to shit with all the bleaching and blows dries it’s had.

I leave with a new cut, a swishy blow dry and the complete Strength Cure System.


After 4 weeks of using these products my scalp feels clean and less irritated and my hair has a new vibrancy to it. It’s definitely in better condition but whether or not this will improve the condition of my hair long term or just maintain its improved condition is yet to be determined.

I am certainly in love with the dreamy honey smell of my hair and I might also mentioned that although they are sulphate free they lather gorgeously too. I am using the Split End Salve on my front bits that never seem to grow and they aren’t splitting as much. Although you need to go easy with this stuff, too much makes my hair greasy.

I would recommend the a Pureology haircare system to everyone who feels like their current regime is no longer benefitting them. Maybe I am an LA girl at heart?

LookFantastic are doing 25% Pureology right now.

Explore all the ranges here and the Strength Cure range I am using here.

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