RETINOL REFACE INDEED LABS REVIEWRETINOL REFACE INDEED LABS REVIEWDid you know that acne is the most comment skin problem for women in their 20’s?! As a teen I was lucky enough to not be cursed with the dreaded hormonal acne many teens get. In fact it wasn’t til I hit my late 20’s that acne came in and settled.

It just seems wrong reaching for spot treatments and skincare designed specifically for oily teenage skin; because I don’t have oily skin and errr I’m not a teenager either (although in my head I totally still am). I have dry-ish, sensitive skin that for the last year or so has been experiencing those horrid under the skin cyst-type of breakouts. Astringent, drying, oil sucking products would literally make my face skin fall off in flakes.

There is another (more sophisticated) ways o tackle adult acne and that’s with Retinol so make some space on your bathroom shelf babes.

I’ve heard many a beauty journo wax lyrical about the magical powers of Retinol. I safely tucked away the R word planning to revisit it in my 30’s. That is until Indeed Labs sent me this bottle of Retinol Reface.

Simply put, retinol is another name for vitamin A and basically it does 4 things that anyone in life would want their skin to do. Read on…

Makes skin act younger

Retinol communicates to skin on application to behave like a healthier, younger skin cell. It increases collagen levels’ and works to protect your skin from free radicals, generates cell growth, and repairs damaged cells. Including pigmentation. From using RR I’ve seen improved firmness and elasticity upon waking the morning after.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

It’s so strange to see little lines appearing under my eyes. Like many women in their late 20’s we like think we are invincible.

So when I first noticed a few fine lines around my eyes this year I went gung hoe with the anti aging. Fuck I couldn’t slap enough on if I tried. But did I see one iota of difference? I did not. Up until this point I think anti ageing is pretty much a myth, you need to PREVENT rather than CORRECT. However, Retinol Reface has made a difference in the fine lines around my eyes. They are still there but they are weaker, more diminished.

It shrinks pores and stops breakouts

SO, even though sweet baby R can do all the above it also tackles acne and clogged pores. By making the skin cells regenerate faster the pores are less likely to clog with product and dirt and end up as black heads or breakouts. It also shrinks pores and once the skin absorbs to Retinol it breaks down into a trans retinoic acid that functions almost identical to prescription acne medicine, Retinoids (Renova or Retin-A).


BUT LISTEN! Just like in the film Death Becomes Her (bloody love that film) such a powerful beauty potion comes with a warning. NEVER must you wear a retinol-based product in the day. And ALWAYS use an SPF on your skin the day after using Retinol as your skin is weaker and more sensitive to sun exposure, so make sure to protect yourself otherwise you’ll undo all the good work. My current daily face spf here.

Use it once & no more

Because Retinol is so bloody wonderful brands are chucking it in everything from eye cream to cleansers to makeup even. There’s just no need for this! Use Retinol in one product and one product only to avoid overuse, over treating and damaging skin. You must respect the Retinol!

Sensitive skin sufferers may react to using Retinol but most of you will know I have sensitive and have not reacted at all to Retinol Reface, which means I think it’s a great Retinol starter product.

Retinol Reface has become a power product in my skincare line up. It’s like all those establish beauty journos said, this stuff really is magic and I finally feel like I’m tackling the 2 things that get me down most about my skin. I feel like Retinol and I are going to be firm (smooth/youthful) friends forever.

Ps. If your reading this and under 25, just wait your turn OKAY 😉

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