Juniper_sling_review_1Imma start this review by saying, on paper, this is one alcoholic-ass perfume. As if my ovaries weren’t gin soaked enough on a Sunday morning, now I’ve got a perfume I can douse myself in to make sure everyone knows what a good time I had last night. But joking aside…

Juniper_sling_review_5 Juniper_sling_reviewAlthough Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling reads like a cocktail recipe that will have you forgetting the rest of your night, this is actually a really beautiful, refreshing and intelligent scent. They sell between 20-30k bottles a year of the stuff! Think cool, masculine and refined with a fruity centre (juniper berries & orange). The pepper gives it a bit of a kick but is balanced by the warmer notes of leather and amber in the dry down. Possibly one of the cleanest scents I’ve ever smelt in execution, Juniper Sling has a zingy and spicy side too, although not as noticeable.Juniper_sling_review_4

The only thing that doesn’t sit right with me is the packaging. For a scent this clean and androgynous, the old fashion bottle with its removable (thank god) silver bow, is a bit naff. I imagine this bottled in a heavy, square minimalist bottle with some trendy yet sparse typeface. I would prescribe a slosh of Juniper Sling on a bright spring or summers day. Perfect for a little gallery viewing or day drinking date.

JP isn’t a centre stage sort of fragrance which is what I usually look for in a scent. It doesn’t reek of sex either, which I, er, also like. The smell flirts with you a little in a non-showy, intelligent way. It’s pleasant and interesting. If it was a house at Hogwarts it would be Ravenclaw. It’s my sister Alice’s favourite scent; she IS a show stopper if you get my drift but she’s also anally tidy, meticulous, loves clean white interiors and a glass of crisp Sauvignon. This isn’t a “date my sister” personal ad, but if you like the sound of her then you’ll probably enjoy a glass or two of Juniper Sling.



Top Notes

Angelica, Cinnamon, Orange & Juniper Berries

Middle Notes

Pepper, Leather, Cardamon & Oris Root

Base Notes

Vetiver, Cherry, Sugar & Amber

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