IMG_3641How do you like your oats in the morning…I like mine on my legs, thanks.

We already know that the modest oat is the staple of any nutritionists diet plan. Loaded with dietary fibre (containing more than any other grain) and with healthy cholesterol-lowering properties, oats are also energising. But what of the cosmetic benefits of the humble Oat?

Aveeno challenged me to take their Daily Moisturising Lotion to task as well as divulge some of my best kept skin secrets in the #AveenoSkincareSecrets blogger tag challenge!

IMG_3665IMG_3633 IMG_3635First Impressions

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion appeals because it contains naturally active oats that creates a barrier to maintain moisture in the skin. My dry legs suffer the worse and it in this particular areas where I need my body lotion to go the extra mile.

Additional benefits that I looked forward to were the soothing properties. Oats are also known for their calming properties so this lotion soothes skin on contact and acts as a natural cleanser for skin. A girl I know uses this stuff to take her makeup off every night! I told her she was crazy but after reading into the benefits of oats in skincare it kind of makes sense to cleanse away the daily makeup up and grime with an oat based product. I guess that’s an Aveeno skincare secret in itself. It’s also great for sensitive skin as its fragrance free. Many users cite it as combative against Rosanca and eczema too.

What do I think?

What I took away from using this product is how fast it dries on skin, like rapid time people. No residue, no stickiness when pulling on the jeans in virtually seconds. But it wasn’t like it was just GONE, you can feel how supple and soft the skin feels after the products soaks into the epidermis. I thought it would need reapplying a few hours later but no. Also the handy pump means I’m more inclined to use the product daily after shower.

10 days later…

I am impressed by this humble bottle of body lotion and it comes up top when pitted against my cupboard full of expensive, petroleum and fragrance loaded luxury creams and oils. What makes it good is how my skin has developed a smoother and less dry appearance even post shower. I’m used to body lotions delivering on instant smoothness and hydration but nothing long term.

My 1st Aveeno Skincare secret is discovering proof that good and skin loving products don’t have to cost the earth, a lesson for the premium product junkie that I am! Good on them for creating something that works for so many people and not charge an extortionate amount for it! So dig deep with the pennies…

Aveeno is available in 200ml and 300ml bottles for £5.10 and £7.14 respectively.

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StyleLobster 3  Skincare Secrets

  1. I always use a Muslin cloth when cleansing my face. I adopted this habit about a year and a half ago and haven’t looked back. Applying cleanser and washing it off with hands and water only removes half as much grime as using hot water and a cloth to gently work in and remove your cleanser.
  2. I do 2 skin treatments a week and alternate between a gentle peel (glycolic is a fav) and a moisture surge. They only take between 5-10mins in the evening and perk up skin mid-week.
  3. Use an SPF separate to your moisturiser. I was told by a well-known skin specialist to not use a moisturiser with SPF as you want both products to work differently. A moisturiser should absorb into the skin and plump whereas an spf should sit in a protective layer on top on the skin with little aborbstion. When you think about it that was it’s just common sense!


I WANT TO TAG THE gorgeous and very sweet Jasmine of Jasmine Harding makeup. Tell us what your secrets JAS!


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