Summer Skin Solution? Benefit Big Easy Review

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Off the back of the May BirchBox x Harpers Bazaar Collab (best box yet!!) I was invited to a talk with Benefits go-to make up gal, Lisa Potter-Dixon and Harper’s Beauty, Editor Sophie Bloomfield. After some beauty gossip and champagne I had to opportunity to visit Benefit’s pop-up colour corner where I was colour matched to their new Big Easy BB Cream (£27.50), which promises to be bigger than BB, itself!

Quite a statement, considering alphabet dream creams have been making themselves verrrrry comfortable in the UK’s face make up sector! I don’t know one girl who hasn’t traded in her trusty foundation and dabbled in a little BB or CC, for at least a few months. Let’s be ‘avin you Big E!

First Impressions

In the typical Benefit fashion we know and love, the packaging is flirty and fun with a carnival vibe. I am immediately intrigued by the liquid to powder formulation with the combination of a lightweight formula. I have yet to find a BB that has a matte effect on the skin. This can sometimes be the toss up between wanting a lightweight foundation in summer, but a mattefying finish that lasts through the long, hot days of summer. Can Big Easy answer our prayers?


I have an oily T-zone but the rest of my face is prone to dry patches. Because this is an oil- balancing BB, I cleanse and tone as normal followed by a serum and moisturiser to make sure my skin is well moisturised. The formula requires a bit more blending than my normal BB and I use a small headed Kabuki Foundation Brush. *Tip* If you want even lighter coverage apply with your finger tips so the cream formula doesn’t dry as quickly and you can spread a little bit a lot further 🙂 I am shade Medium 4.

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Big Easy provides a good coverage and I don’t feel the need to add concealer. Within about 30 seconds the matte effect  has settled to a velvet finish completely mattefying the sheen left behind by my moisturiser. My skin looks really fresh and the coverage is very good, almost too good for a BB, but then Benefit did promise something “Bigger than BB”.

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Big E wears well and a few hours later my skin is still matte with good coverage (this is after 2 hours of hill walking by the way) yet it I don’t feel like I have on a full face of makeup, nor does it look like I do, win-win.

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Over the last year I have been favouring a more velvet complexion over the dewy one I sported for so long, which makes me warm to this multi-functioning product even more. So, if you are a dewy skinned kinda girl this probably isn’t the product for you. I would highly recommend this product to people with oily or blemish prone skin who would like to wear a more lightweight base this summer. For dry skinned girls I would recommend using a serum/moisturiser combo before using this product as it has a strong mattefying effect. more skin prep the harder your product will work for you! The finish is really remarkable for a cream formula BB.

Big easy IS bigger than BB in the sense that you get MORE with this bb cream than any other I have tried, which puts it on the fence between bb and foundation territory but the multitude of benefits and lightweight formula tilts it back into BB territory. I give it a 8.5 because although it’s a fab product it wont always work with my dry skin.


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I paired my look with Benetint Rose tinted lip + cheek stain, £24.50 (which was one of the first beauty products I ever owned as a 14 year old *MEMORIES!*) and the Beneblam Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm £14.50 which has come back to replace the former Benetint lipbalm in a pot. This version is so much cleaner and user friendly.


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