Here I go again, attempting another at home hair removal session with a product that promises pain free as possible silky smooth results. Why do I do it to myself? I HATE at home waxing, it’s always a disaster, painful and unrewarding process.

Nair has been around for a wile – they are one of the most well know hair removal brands. They recently jumped on the Argan Oil trend in beauty and created this pot of body wax which is great for sensitive skin (that’s me) with a “bye bye pain” moisturising formula (yes please).


The last 2 weeks I’ve forgone wearing shorts or skirts in favour of long trousers whilst everyone else blazes themselves in the first of the summer sun. That’s because I’ve been secretly growing a miniature leg forest.

The house is empty so it’s the perfect day to attempt to wax my legs. I’m skeptical about the activity in general but if anything will work it’s gunna be this kit. Also major bonus that it is the hot wax formula so no annoying and painful paper strips: just heat, spread and pull.

IMG_1783Legs: it’s a fairly simple process to get the wax ready for use and takes about 10 mins in all. My first mistake is putting the wax on way too thickly and using practically the whole pot on one leg (note: it says this pot does an entire body which I think it an overstatement). I reheat my old strips (yes with the hair in them – gross or genius you decide) and tackle the next leg with thinner lines of wax. This works better but I’m still having to re-do areas again and again. My patience is wearing thin after 90 mins!

Bikini: Turns out Nair Argan Oil is brilliant on the bikini line: minimal pain and clean results. I am thinking this may be because bikini area hair is thicker and coarser which gave the wax something more to hold onto?

before and after Nair Argan OilBefore & After


As far as formulation goes I give it an 8/10. It really is the most pain free wax I’ve ever had. It smells really nice, a combo of florals and beauty salon. My skin feels super smooth afterwards as well which you can see in the before and after pics.

If you don’t care about vagrant hairs floating in the wax then stuff the strips back into the pot and reuse to your hearts content. I am keeping my pot of Nair for bikini line touch ups this summer.

If you are experienced at home waxer and want to give it a try I think this is a great kit. Although this is the best at home waxing kit I have tried I won’t be buying it again because as much as I try I am just not a DIY wax girl, not quick enough and my technique sucks!

See it in action

Pain levels 3/10

Formulation 8/10

Ease of use (for me) 4/10

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