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*This Post Contains Pissed-off Shopper Rants*

So I have have been on a bit of a hair-removal mish as of late! I trialled the Elle Mcpherson Hot Wax Epilation Kit which you can read about here and I have just booked myself in for (terror of terrors) a Hollywood Wax at Ministry of Wax, which will be vlogged (yes I said the v word) at the end of this month!

In the in”trim” (sorry couldn’t help myself) I picked up a new style of hair removal at the Olympia Beauty show last weekend. As a marketeer by profession I am rarely sucked into salesman spiel but the ladies on the Melody-Claire stand had me at hello.

Elegant Depilation promised to be THE solution for women terrified of waxing and can’t be arsed with shaving. I proffered my lower leg so the rep to try out the device on me only to be BLOWN away by the pain-free hair removal and baby smooth skin results.

photo 3-2I am pretty sure I know where this all went wrong and it was when they straight up lied to me. You will all have experienced salespeople skirting around the downfalls of a product, spiel filled with half-truths and bargain offers which make it look like the company is practically being robbed of its products. Well, let me just tell you, when it sounds too good to be true then it usually bloody is!

Elegant Depilation Hair Removal System promises to be the pain-free multi-benefit hair removal system of the future. With your purchase you get a hand held device and several Micro-Crustal buffing pads, which once attached to the backing pad you use to buff in a wax on wax off movement across the skin you wish to rid of hair. When I asked how it works and what happens to the hair our conversation went something like this;

Salesperson: “The micro crystals loop themselves around the hair roots and gently pull out the hair.”

Me: “Like waxing”, I implored.

Salesperson: “Just like waxing!”

Me (still sceptical): “So, the hair is pulled out from the root, it isn’t just like shaving where the hair above the skin is buffed away?”

Salesperson: “No, all the hair is removed from beneath the skin.”

Me: “WOW – that’s amazing, I didn’t feel a thing! How long until you get regrowth?”

Salesperson: “2 /3 weeks!”

Me: “Wow, are you serious, that’s unbelievable. I’ll take 2!”

photo 2-2A side note here: I spoke to two individual sales people on separate stands just to make sure the first one wasn’t crazy. Now the problem is you naturally take the salespeople at their word. They aren’t allowed to lie, that’s illegal, right? Super excited I Whatsapp-ed my two sisters a video of this revolutionary, pain free hair removal device. I took it to a dinner party that night and showed the girls, I even let my housemate use it on her “moustache” area! What a fool because only 2 days after using the device on my legs I have stubbly regrowth just like you do with shaving. I was so confused, I made excuses, maybe I didn’t press hard enough? No no, turns out after some internet research that this device is basically a surface hair remover, another method of shaving, like taking sandpaper file to your legs…

To add insult to injury they said one Micro-Crystal pad would do the whole body 3 times. My pad was dulled and no longer worked after one go.

I am so astounded at the straight up lies that I was told by these women that it makes me think that I might see “out of business” signs on the website any day now. Have they been fumbled by a big time beauty journo or some lawsuit and are liquidating all stock in a massive way? When I think back to all the ladies walking around Olympia Beauty Show thinking they had spent £20 on some sort of revolutionary hair removal device, it makes me sad to think like me they would all have gotten home to find that it’s just one big sham.

I will be returning my kit to Melody Claire, Elegant Depilation for a full refund, thank you very much. I guess when it comes to plucking your hairs out at the source it will always be a case of no pain, no gain.

Roll on October 27th, Ministry of Waxing.

Did you buy this product at Olympia Beauty Show or own it already? Where you disappointed like me? Leave you comments below.




  • Barb

    i too bought this at The Besuty Show in Olympia. However I bought it for my 11 year old daughter. I’d tried creams and even took her to get her legs waxed but felt this was all a bit harsh and “grown up”. This seemed like the ideal solution. I have to say we are both happy with the results. Her skin is silky smooth, it’s chemical and pain free and the hair is all gone. The re-growth was about 10 days. We are very happy with this product and will continue to use it.

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      Perhaps the regrowth was a lot slower because she is a child? As I have been shaving for 12 years my regrowth was like shaving, within a few days. Have you tried it yourself? It went around my flatbfor testing and all of us has regrowth from the next day. I am glad you are happy with the product though. Thanks for your comment x

  • I was really happy with the product, I just recently bought it and my legs feel better than ever. I agree it doesn’t take the hair follicle out but shaving is a pain and this is quicker and easier and theres no risk of cutting yourself. I also agree that the sails pitch was very exaggerated as she told me that they retailed at £40 each and she offered me 2 for half the price. When i went to check the website for re-fill packs and reviews they we’re £20 each. So i got two for the price of one, not two for half the price of one. Which still is a good deal, but saving £60 made me feel like i had to buy it. Overall I’m happy with the product but i do think that they’re not 100% honest in the sails pitch and I can see why you’re pissed off. I think I’m just happy i can sit down and buff away my hair instead of attempting to shave, but I’m lazy and clumsy with a razor.

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      Hi Megs. Glad you agree the sales pitch was misleading. Theres so much that you can spend your money on at the event that lowering to deceptive sales tactics really annoyed me. If theyd told the truth I may have still bought the product anyway and would have been happy with it bc as a hair buffer it does work. I asked again and again that the hair folicle was definitely coming out. Ggrrrrr

      • As well as with this product so many more pitches for other products lie or mislead to make their product sound better. I think events should put rules on things like that, I saw a few products that said they’d won awards for their hair products etc but when I’ve gone to look online there’s no info on any awards just random prices and bad reviews. I think i spent £200 i wouldn’t of spent otherwise because companies make you feel like you’re saving so much money when realistically they’re lying about their prices and quality of the product. I’d say always check reviews etc before buying random things and don’t get sucked in to exaggerated sails pitches and savings! I hope they re-fund you!

  • Ezz

    I agree with you! I bought this at a bridal show and it looked wonderful. I got the same pitch. Hair is removed painlessly from the the follicle and leave ultra smooth legs with minimal effort. I was told the pads last ages…not a bit of it …it is a complete con. I spent £40 on 4 packs as I wanted to give 2 as gifts. the pads don’t even last one application before they are ineffective . A few hours later my legs are spikey and sore. I have persevered and used it 3 times now. Last night I used a new pad exactly in the way shown. Seemed OK but then when I checked with a light lots of hair was missed. I re did it and this morning my skin is inflamed and really painful and now it’s going in the bin!!

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      Dont throw it away! I got a full refund! If you google the website email the customer service team. Be persistant they are a bit slow. Xxx

  • Kirsty

    I too bought this at a bridal show and do love the results however have found that the pads wear down very quickly (certainly not 3x my whole body as sold.) None the less I am pleased with the product and purchased two new pad sets (as the four large supplied have now worn down.) Money was taken over a month ago and still no product delivered. Have emailed twice with no response. Good product. Terrible customer service!

  • Sophie

    I have just found your review as I’ve been extremely unhappy myself and wanted to see others views. COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE SAID. Another point to add however; I moisturise my legs and arms every day after the shower. Yet since using this product. I have now been left with thick, scaly skin that now flakes off and itches uncontrollably. I have now e-mailed the company twice (including pictures of my skin) to demand something be done about it yet I have received no reply. EXTREMELY ANGRY!

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      Keep emailling. I got my money back!

  • Wendy

    Hi Emily

    I TOTALLY agree with what I have just read on here re your review of this product. I have just sent off my email of complaint to Melody-Claire and so have pasted my complaint to them so you can see it.

    Strangely enough, I didn’t mention in my complaint but the sales person said to me that the whole body could be covered x5 with the 1 pad and like you, as soon as I tried to use 1 pad, it lasted a few buffs and that was it. I also found that the stickiness did not hold the pad in place onto the hand-held device. I even washed the micro-crystal pad as advised but it did not ressurect it.

    Happy reading….

    Hello…I bought a box of the Melody-Claire Smoother Legs product at the OM Yoga Show/MBS Show in October this year. Admittedly it was an impulse buy as your female sales person was very very persuasive after grabbing my arm and pulling me into her stand as I was walking past and merely looking at the brightly coloured packaging of your bags which were on display.

    I paid £20 for a box and was told that this would usually cost £35 and if I went on-line that I would always be able to buy replacement pads at a rate of 10% discount forever.

    Unfortunately though, after giving half of the product to my daughter and keeping the other half for myself, we both agree that this product does not remove the hair as it claims to.

    I was extremely disappointed when my daughter reported her experiences to me first as this was a gift to her. I had saved my product to use before I went on my holiday 3 weeks ago and was very excited to know that once this product had removed all the body hair I wanted it to, that I wouldn’t have to worry about hair regowth while I was away.

    Not only did I try persistently with different body parts and changing the pads etc but in the end I had to shave with a razor before I went on holiday as this product did not remove the hair that I needed it to.

    I am happy to return the used and unused product to you if you would supply me with a pre-paid envelope to do so and I am also requesting my £20 be returned to me please.

    Despite reading the instructions and trying many times, I am completely dissatisfied with this product as I cannot obtain the results described to me by the sales assistant or remove the hair from my body in the way that I would expect it to be removed.

    I look forward to your reply,

    Best regards – Wendy

  • Tamsin

    I have had a really bad experience with this product. I was assured this product was safe to use on the face. I used the small pad on my face and it left my skin very sore. It later dried out completely, leaving dark patches of skin on my face. These patches just don’t seem to be going. The girls on the stall had told me this was a German product so a really quality product. What absolute rubbish! I e-mailed them and they took weeks to respond. I had to send the item back at my cost and still haven’t received a refund!!

  • Stephanie

    I too have had an extremely unpleasant experience with this product. I purchased it at the Clothes Show Birmingham 2014 for £20 for two sets (buy one get one free) and like everyone else was told it would minimise hair growth etc I used this product on a small area before hand as advised and then used on my lower legs last night. Aswell as getting what I can only describe as a large friction burn on my leg despite being gentle, this morning I have woken up with thick stubble that had returned quicker than when I shave. I wouldn’t have minded so much if I was made aware that this was just another method of removing the surface hair but no they have to lie when selling the product to you! There is a reason why shops don’t stock this product! I will also be requesting a refund!

  • Steph

    Purchased Melody Claire yesterday at a wedding show. Wish I’d read reviews first. Buffed my arms and legs. Have the same next day regrowth that I get from shaving, except I have a horrible burning sensation all over my legs and arms now. If the pads really do last as long as they say they do, then I probably have saved myself some money on razors…but that’s all they are. Glorified razors. I didn’t have any issues with the pad not sticking, and it did do my arms and legs and can keep going, but it appears that’s the only thing they didn’t lie about. You’re definitely right. No pain, no gain. Back to waxing!!

    • Keri

      Hi Steph , just read your comment! I’ve bought this also , used on my legs and omg they are stinging so bad

  • Kelle

    I bought this product at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London last week, much like the other people here it was an impulse buy after being convinced by the sales woman it was a pain free alternative to waxing. I spent £20 on this ‘device’. I did both my legs that evening and although it did remove some of the hair it wasn’t as smooth as shaving, when I woke up the next day my legs were extremely sore and red and felt like I had severe sun burn! I was telling a friend about this product and she produced an almost identical product, that she bought from the pound shop! I am extremely disappointed and can’t believe I was taken in by this scam!

  • Samantha rogers

    I brought this today at the Ideal home show at Olympia and was very easily convinced by a lovely woman selling this ‘incredible hair removing device’ for £20 for 2 packs. It wasn’t until I had walked around for a while that my arm had become very sore and rashy, I thought it would calm down but it only got worse. It was only after a few hours it was so uncomfortable, exactly like sunburn, that I decided to take it back for a refund. It was safe to say I was not met by the same ‘lovely’ woman I had met previously but a rude obnoxious woman who looked at me like I had just punched her in the face or something. Would NOT recommend at all, especially as my arms are still incredibly sore, red and raised as I am writing this. How are they still in business?

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      I’m going to email all these posts to the manufacturer

  • Hemini

    I really wish I’d googled this product before I bought it so I’d have found these reviews 🙁 how long did it take for them to acknowledge your email and refund your money? I just bought this at the Ideal Home show and I’m really dissatisfied – I knew it would be a razor type device but I didn’t expect my hair to grow back faster than if I’d shaved my legs!

    Totally agree with you Emily, it’s completely dishonest.

  • Rebecca

    Wish I’d read the true reviews on this too as I’d bought this yesterday.

    Not sure the manufacturers will care. May be an issue for trading standards as misleading information was given as a sales pitch.

    Also can’t work out if they were badly trained sales rep staff as I had to approach the brightly coloured stand myself as woman was on her phone sitting and texting rather than selling! Or whether they’ve adopted the un-ethical nature of using lies to sell the absolute rubbish product to make an insane margin on this extremely substandard trash.

    Either way this company that keeps popping up at shows need to be stopped and put out of business! And I expect show organisers to do a little research on the companies and people they allow to sell as I’m losing faith in them fast.

  • Sue

    I too bought this product from the Ideal Home show in London last week and was told that it was an alternative to waxing, it removed the hairs from the root and the pack would last a full year.
    When I queried why it was painless I was told that the first circular motion opened the pores and then the reversed circular motion painlessly pulled the hairs out by the root.
    The test patch the lady did on my legs was so quick and was indeed hair free however it grew back exactly like shaving would and not in a few weeks as promised. I will be emailing the company for a full refund!

  • I bought this product yesterday at Olympia london, like you I was amazed by how quick and easy it was on a small patch of my arm. However I did my lower legs today and a few hours later I have broken out in a very painful red bumpy rash, despite only doing it gently. I thought lotion might help, wow I was wrong, it just made it more painful. Several cold clothes later I am now just itchy and sore. They better give me a refund as I am very disappointed.

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      Contact them and get your refund like I did! Also refuse to send the product back unless they pay for return postage

  • Rachel

    Did anyone ever receive their refund?? I have been waiting for mine for a week now and have had some response by email but now nothing for the last two days!

    This product is just a total waste of money and nothing more than sandpaper on a plastic paddle! It irritated my skin and make it red & sore!

    I just hope I get a reply & my refund, I have threatened with further action but I am not sure if that will make any difference xx

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      They do take a while just keep emailing

  • Madita

    Hi y’all.
    I am not an impulsive buyer. I always review carefully before buying anything (except for maybe clothes). Bought this yesterday at a wedding fair, because I hate waxing and shaving is still a hassle.
    The sales assistant told me and my friends:
    – Normally these are 35 pounds (on the website it says 20)
    – The pads will last you three months each
    – the hair grows back only after three weeks and less hair will grow back
    – dermatologically safe to use on any areas
    – just don’t use lotion for 2-3 hours afterwards.
    – it removes the hair just like waxing at the folicle

    Well it seems like all of this was a misleading sales pitch. These are illegal under the UK Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations.

    She showed it on a small area of my arm (I don’t remove hair on y arms as a rule) and I used it also on some areas on my legs, where I hadn’t shaved carefully enough. Today I didn’t check my legs, but my arm is read and the hair is already stubbling back.

    My arm and the areas on the lower and upper legs where I removed remaining hair now feels uncomfortable. i wouldn’t say itchy, but a low burning sensation. And well the brand new pad already looks like I won’t be able to use it on anything else and I didn’t even sue it on an entire leg.

    I e-mailed the customer services e-mail and will see if they will respond. I will give it also two or three tries to make sure, but even just 24 hours later (less than that) I am sorely disappointed!!!

    • Emily – Style Lobster

      This has been the most viewed blog post I’ve ever written and unfortunately it wasn’t for a brilliant product 🙁

      I am glad however that you are all chasing refunds. I think this needs to banned as a product as it is misleading and practically stealing from customers then stalling refunds. Keep chasing the refunds ladies. They have to give you the money back and refuse to pay to send back the product as well.

    • Rachel

      I am now nearly 2 weeks into emails back and forth (very slow at that!) And still no refund! I have just had to threaten with legal action to see if anything comes of that.. I have been doing alot of research aswell on the address I was given to send this product back to and online it comes back with a totally different company name which is stated on the 1st April went into liquidation! So im unsure if we shall be getting a refund at all..

  • Rachel

    So, just over 2hrs ago since I threatened legal action I have just received my refund for the product &y postage after nearly 2wks of many emails sent by myself everyday!!!

    Keep persisting and you will get somewhere ladies..

    Good luck xx

  • Annie Ryan

    I’m so glad I found this review! I feel exactly the same! Sat there for at least half an hour trying to get my legs silky smooth to find i still had prickly patches and when my legs got slightly cold I could feel the hairs underneath the surface come through!! I also found the next day they were growing back! This is basically like shaving but takes 100 times longer and makes your legs sore! Just wondering, did you get your refund? X

    • Emily Valentine Parr

      Hi Annie

      You joined this post late but better late than never! I had about 100 comments in this post with everyone feeling exactly the same way you did. Yes I got a refund. Yes they were really slow and unresponsive but YES keep trying!! X

  • Carin van Leeuwen

    i bought it also, it is not working and a Dutch youtuber advised it as….,.wonderful, this is the solution. NO WAY. NOT WORKING AT ALL

  • Holly Forsyth

    So glad to have found this, my sister and I bought this at the clothes show at the weekend. Not usually ones to be sucked in by sales stands, as soon as she had a hold of my sisters arm and she did a bit of swirling we were sold, with me repeatedly asking- “it’s not just a buffer is it??? I’d rather shave if it’s going to just take the top of the hairs off!”
    I was reassured no, and told about how it’s pulled out by the root, and amazed at the results bought one. During the day the tiny sample patch on our arms went red and each hair pore showed up dotty!
    This went down but when we got home to play with our amazing product, we found it took bloody ages to do your legs, it was still prickly by the end and my skin felt buffed raw. The pain in bed was worse than sunburn! And the next day when they were a bit less sore I attempted to tackle more of the prickly hairs (thinking I may have missed some, and that it was my fault not the products) only to find my buffer pad seemed not to be working at all any more- it had dulled already.

    Cannot believe they straight up lied on the sales stand- I honestly didn’t think you were allowed to do that. Don’t know how they are getting away with it!!

  • Emily Valentine Parr

    I think is crazy that they are still getting away with this when I got mine nearly a year ago now!!

  • Aoin Douglas

    I’ve order this product a month ago and still no sign of it. This is a complete scam and the site should be closed down

  • Sue

    I had regrowth after 1 day!! Very VERY disappointed at being mis-sold a product. £20 is a lot of money, and I feel so stupid that I fell for it. I will be asking for a refund, but think Ive left it too late now.

  • Amy

    Sorry to hear this was such a disappointing product, it’s completely unacceptable that they mislead you -and seemingly everyone else they spoke to!- so I hope you get your refund ASAP.

    Amy –

  • Lucy Bassett

    This is so true, mine is in the bin, bought at Yeamlpton farm show, hopeless, only does where hair is standing upright in mid leg or mid arm (where they demo), makes you appreciate other forms of epilation

  • Tara Wallace

    OMG just got this product at the national wedding show. Totally gutted the ive been ripped off and its left my face in a state. Anyone got their money back???

  • Michele Graves

    I see most of these reviews are old, however there doesn’t appear to be any improvement on the product. We were pounced on at the recent Ideal Home Christmas Show in London and my 16 year old daughter was the victim. They used the product on my daughter’s lower leg and she as so impressed with it, she walked away with a bag. Even before we arrived home, her leg was red, sore and very itchy. No mild irritation, this was awful and considering it had been demonstrated by one of their professionals, I agree, the product is clearly like sandpaper. I have emailed on numerous occasions and to date have not received a response. I think I have found a contact number on line so this will be my next avenue. Totally disappointed with the product, disgusted that they aimed the sale at my 16 year old daughter and furious that we have been conned. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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