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*This Post Contains Pissed-off Shopper Rants*

So I have have been on a bit of a hair-removal mish as of late! I trialled the Elle Mcpherson Hot Wax Epilation Kit which you can read about here and I have just booked myself in for (terror of terrors) a Hollywood Wax at Ministry of Wax, which will be vlogged (yes I said the v word) at the end of this month!

In the in”trim” (sorry couldn’t help myself) I picked up a new style of hair removal at the Olympia Beauty show last weekend. As a marketeer by profession I am rarely sucked into salesman spiel but the ladies on the Melody-Claire stand had me at hello.

Elegant Depilation promised to be THE solution for women terrified of waxing and can’t be arsed with shaving. I proffered my lower leg so the rep to try out the device on me only to be BLOWN away by the pain-free hair removal and baby smooth skin results.

photo 3-2I am pretty sure I know where this all went wrong and it was when they straight up lied to me. You will all have experienced salespeople skirting around the downfalls of a product, spiel filled with half-truths and bargain offers which make it look like the company is practically being robbed of its products. Well, let me just tell you, when it sounds too good to be true then it usually bloody is!

Elegant Depilation Hair Removal System promises to be the pain-free multi-benefit hair removal system of the future. With your purchase you get a hand held device and several Micro-Crustal buffing pads, which once attached to the backing pad you use to buff in a wax on wax off movement across the skin you wish to rid of hair. When I asked how it works and what happens to the hair our conversation went something like this;

Salesperson: “The micro crystals loop themselves around the hair roots and gently pull out the hair.”

Me: “Like waxing”, I implored.

Salesperson: “Just like waxing!”

Me (still sceptical): “So, the hair is pulled out from the root, it isn’t just like shaving where the hair above the skin is buffed away?”

Salesperson: “No, all the hair is removed from beneath the skin.”

Me: “WOW – that’s amazing, I didn’t feel a thing! How long until you get regrowth?”

Salesperson: “2 /3 weeks!”

Me: “Wow, are you serious, that’s unbelievable. I’ll take 2!”

photo 2-2A side note here: I spoke to two individual sales people on separate stands just to make sure the first one wasn’t crazy. Now the problem is you naturally take the salespeople at their word. They aren’t allowed to lie, that’s illegal, right? Super excited I Whatsapp-ed my two sisters a video of this revolutionary, pain free hair removal device. I took it to a dinner party that night and showed the girls, I even let my housemate use it on her “moustache” area! What a fool because only 2 days after using the device on my legs I have stubbly regrowth just like you do with shaving. I was so confused, I made excuses, maybe I didn’t press hard enough? No no, turns out after some internet research that this device is basically a surface hair remover, another method of shaving, like taking sandpaper file to your legs…

To add insult to injury they said one Micro-Crystal pad would do the whole body 3 times. My pad was dulled and no longer worked after one go.

I am so astounded at the straight up lies that I was told by these women that it makes me think that I might see “out of business” signs on the website any day now. Have they been fumbled by a big time beauty journo or some lawsuit and are liquidating all stock in a massive way? When I think back to all the ladies walking around Olympia Beauty Show thinking they had spent £20 on some sort of revolutionary hair removal device, it makes me sad to think like me they would all have gotten home to find that it’s just one big sham.

I will be returning my kit to Melody Claire, Elegant Depilation for a full refund, thank you very much. I guess when it comes to plucking your hairs out at the source it will always be a case of no pain, no gain.

Roll on October 27th, Ministry of Waxing.

Did you buy this product at Olympia Beauty Show or own it already? Where you disappointed like me? Leave you comments below.



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