Laura_mercier_velour_lovers_lipstick_review_swatchesPUT THE LIPGLOSS DOWN YOU FILTHY ANIMAL! Okay, a bit harsh. But seriously, looking back it feels like 2015 was the year of the NON-slick/glossy/shiny/satin lip. It seemed like every beauty brand was churning out their own (or several) variations of a matte textured lip product.


Laura_mercier_velour_lovers_lipstick_review_swatchesLaura_mercier_velour_lovers_lipstick_review_swatchesLaura_mercier_velour_lovers_lipstick_review_swatchesLeft to Right: An Affair, Boudoir, Temptation

I think Laura Mercier does really great lipsticks. Although sometimes the colour way’s may fall short of imagination and the names can be slightly dull and repetitive, I can still get excited about the formulations. I am already a huge fan of LM’s Creme Smooth Lip colour; so pigment rich and milky, a little like Nars Audacious but more hydrating. Also, the Lip Parfait’s are comparable to Chanel Coco Rouge (Amaretto is a fav). That’s why when I was sent their latest matte lip endeavor I thought, “this should be pretty good”.

I am trialling 3 of the new Velour Lover Lipsticks: An Affair, Temptation & Boudoir. I am naturally drawn to the bold fuchsia pink of An Affair but stop and recognise myself because as much as I fancy myself as a hot pink lip gal I rarely feel comfortable in a bright pink lip. Temptation is a deep red colour with blue-ish undertones. I just know it’s going to look the and feel myself praying it doesn’t lighten up too much once it’s out the bullet. Finally a very gothic looking wine hue baptised Boudoir looks pretty damn serious to me.


These are a more forgiving version of the regular matte lipstick I’ve come to know, possibly because they have a little hyaluronic acid in them to stop that nasty drying effect you get with a lot of matte lipsticks. The formula is a mix of mattefying powders (weird?) mixed in with mango butter (sure, nice) which gives this formula a richer and more comfortable feeling than say, a matte MAC Lipstick.

The pigment is rich and it almost completely opaque from 1 swipe across the lip. I say they do lighten about 20% when on the lip though. I would compare the feel on the lips as similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipstick but with a lot more colour pay off. There are 12 colours in the collection. If only the colour selection was a little more exciting I would be snapping up more of these.

A matte made in heaven?

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