Ladies Who Brunch: Nopi, Soho


It’s Friday and I have already brunched this week, so continuing the theme I agree to meet up with best friend and fellow blogger Emily for some serious catch-ups and food business. I am a massive foodie and have often thought about extending the topics on my style/beauty blog to cover food, I am lucky enough to live in London which has many great eateries. However,  thus far I have struggled to restrain myself when out for dinner to pay the appropriate amount of attention to what I am eating and snapping pics for a post. Today, was my first proper opportunity so here goes….

Emily chose Nopi at Warwick Street, Soho for our brunching sesh. I have walked past this place a few times so I was keen to finally get a chance to eat here. NOPI is a brasserie with a Middle-eastern and Asian twist. Their dishes are all, robust sounding but well balanced with “sunny flavours”. The restaurant is run by Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi. The interior was perfection. Washes of white, minimal, clean and ceramic white brick walls, artistic wooden features and gold accents throughout. Very fresh and luxe, my kind of place.

photo 4


We both started with a flat white. I usually have black coffee for breakfast but the velvety allure of the flat white took over and I ordered mine with soya milk, which is just as delicious, I think!




The service is lovely, well-paced and non-invasive despite the restaurant not being full at 11. The waitress took us through the menu which was crucial as I did not know what labneh was before coming here (a thick strained yogurt). I choose French toast, star anise sugar, berry compote, orange yoghurt with a side of bacon (MMMM bacon). An odd choice for me as I am a big fan of savoury, protein-rich breakfasts, but it sounded entirely different to any french toast I have had before, I just had to try. This was an epic plate. The French Toast was so eggy and delicate, full of little pockets of air which made it irresistibly light, unlike a lot of french toast that is total stodge. The outside was a delicious, sugary crust, with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, which was offset by the sharp berry compote and creamy, orangey strained yogurt. I didn’t taste the star anise, but I’m guessing had they used any more it may have overpowered the dish.  The portion was huge and I couldn’t finish it even though I wanted too, this pained me slightly because it was so more-ish! Damn that bloody bacon side order! But seriously, that damn French toast.



You can still see its gloriousness even when I’m knee deep!


Emily had the Bagel, Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon, wasabi cream. It came beautifully presented with a vinaigrette dressed pickle and radish salad. A really refreshing choice of dish. I kept nicking her pickles!


photo 1

By 12.40 the place was heaving and we had agreed to release our table to the next diners. I was sad to go having made myself at home for the last hour and 40 minutes. Also make sure you visit the bathrooms, they are pure fantabulous-ness! Me and Emily spent 2 mins taking a shamless selfies and the 3 mins trying to find the exit. It’s like a spectaularly confusing mirror maze.

photo 2

photo 4

We exited as they were laying out the spread for lunch, which I shall be returningto try for sure.


21-22 Warwick Street
London W1B 5NE

Bill: £31.60

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