STYLE LOBSTER DINES AT YUU KITCHENAnother restaurant opening that beckons me across town, this time to Commercial Street in East London on a blustery, rainy night. Well I’m gonna say this, it better be worth the 12 minute mooch through the rain city mapper is telling me I have to take. I’ve already decided I’m getting an uber back but for what Yuu Kitchen is promising it will be worth it.


I’m lucky enough to review restaurants as part of my job and to be fair the good ones all have a different tempo and ambience that makes them all enjoyable and unique in their own way. But last Saturday at Yuu Kitchen has to be one of the most immersive and enjoyable dining experiences I have had for a while.

The Concept & Ambience

Yuu Kitchen was built around the premise of an “open kitchen”, with diners being able to see their food chopped, seasoned and combi grilled in two massive dragon egg shaped ovens in front of them. These things look like something out of Game of Thrones and reach temperatures of 400 degrees! A deep bar sits comfortably groups of two (I hate it when the bar doesn’t have enough space so plates, glasses and elbows pile up awkwardly &%!??!#) We all watch as Jon, the head chef and co-owner of Yuu Kitchen bustles about in a spritely fashion as he pours his culinary skill into every more-ish mouthful. He’s ex-nobu, ya know. He spends a lot of time with us, mostly because I have so many intolerances when I eat out and also because we were so interested in every single dish he presented. “WHY DOES THIS TASTE SO GOOD?”

yuu-kitchen-commerical-street-style-lobster-reviewSTYLE LOBSTER DINES AT YUU KITCHENyuu-kitchen-style-lobster-reviewSTYLE LOBSTER DINES AT YUU KITCHENyuu-kitchen-east-london-style-lobster-reviewWhat We Ate

I mean everything tasted divine. Asian fusion is one of my favourite cuisines anyway, but Jon and his business-partner Stephen who runs FOH, have compiled a menu that tantalisingly nestles itself in the southeastern part of the hemisphere taking inspo from South Eastern Asia and the Pacific Rim.

What did we eat? It would be easier to tell you what we didn’t eat! We had to ask for the dishes to be made smaller every time something came out because we were so keen on trying a little of everything,

The Poke {a Hawaiian dish} was my favourite. Sort of like a ceviche compromising of mixed raw fish in the most refreshing citrus dressing. It had sliced avo through it and we piled it onto warm corn ships. A little like a Hawaiian nachos.

and then…

The Crispy Chicken wings were so juicy, basted in potato flour (this is how the marinade gets all sticky and crunchy when fried) adobo and sesame seeds. We were sucking the bones clean! The Chilli Asian ribs, which are cooked in one of the massive, scorching green eggs, fell away from the bone beautifully and came only subtly flavoured as the smoky meat tasted amazing on it’s own. I also loved the BBQ’D Octopus dish that was so perfectly cooked. It arrived in a sake, Mirren and ginger vinaigrette dressing hiding beneath a herby, chilli salad. By this point Rich was very taken by the combi egg-shaped grill thing and Jon was enthusiastically telling him how you can get mini ones for your own kitchen. Okay, but no.

A surprising favourite was the Sweet and Sticky Aubergine dish, served piping hot in a dish doused in a white miso caramelized glaze with little chewy fried onion shoestrings. I am seriously impressed by anyone who can make aubergine interesting!

To Drink

To drink we tried a few of the house cocktails, my favourite being the whisky based Asian Persuasion; whisky plum wine, almond, lemon and orange juice. I’ll just take the opportunity to drop into convo that this place has fizz on tap and it’s very well priced. You will get through quite a bit if bubbles are your thing.



Stephen and Jon are such a friendly and welcoming duo I know for sure we will be back to dine at Yuu Kitchen really soon because everything was so well done and enjoyable! Not to mention well priced and quick serviced. So if you fancied a lunch deal you can sit be served and out the door in 45 mins. The space itself is really quite trendy with Japanese modern-manga style comic graphics along the walls. These were designed especially for Yuu Kitchen and tell a story of intoxication and debauchery. Rich even instagrammed his Pork Belly Bao bun. The boy hasn’t uploaded anything since August so….! This place is fun, friendly, modern and tasty and I love it.

Some upcoming dining offers to look out for

  • 50% off drinks if you dine before 7pm
  • Booking being taken for Christmas parties (groups between 6-18 people)
  • £10 and £14 lunch deals available with a drink.

*For full details and T&C’s visit

Yuu Kitchen

29 Commercial St, London E1 6NE

020 7377 0411


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