Tonight another Lobster joint got a dressing down from me: Style Lobster! No, the joke isn’t lost on me here people.

Many ask me why on earth my blog is called Style Lobster and I guess I haven’t come up with a good enough answer yet. Creature of Style? The associations of Lobster and haute cuisine? No idea…One thing for sure is that I LOVE LOBSTER. So when my friend Anna asked me if I was game to try London’s latest seafood catch I was baited.

Ok no more puns, I’m turning into Rosie Londoner.

Once again another London eatery that has a no reservation policy zzzzzzzzzzzzz. We arrive at the Lobster Kitchen at 6pm on the dot to avoid disappointment but still have to wait 1 hour even on a Tuesday. This is most likely due to the 50% off food offer currently running on opening month.

IMG_3390 IMG_3399First Impressions

Lobster Kitchen was born out of the founders many inspirational trips to New England. The set up is tiny, wooden benches crammed in together canteen style, with a kitchen and ordering bar sat beneath chalk boards displaying the daily menu options. It’s a really cute venue, albeit a little of the small side.

There’s a lot of classic lobster and seafood fare like fried clams and lobster tail and some tasty sounding dishes with a new spin like the Asian Lobster Roll

IMG_3398 IMG_3387

WE sit down at our table for 4 which we are sharing with two ladies. This really annoys me although I am used to this set up, Wagamamas have been doing it for years and I’m still going back.

We order at the cash desk what seems like excessive amounts of food because we are getting it all for 50% off. Why not right?

IMG_3403IMG_3406The food

Our food all comes at the same time. The Asian Lobster rolls is sweet and spicy dressed lobster meat bundled into a frankfurter style brioche roll which was a little stale. We had two of these king rolls which were disappointedly small despite their big name and at £24 for 2 we felt a little short changed even with the 50% off.

The Garlic Lobster Tails were tasty but lacked garlic flavour and were very petite also. We started wondering if 50% off meant we were being served only 50% of the dish.


The sweet potato fries were my favourite side dish of the night; crunchy on the outside and hot and sweet on the inside, totally moreish, I wish I had ordered two baskets.

The Deep Fried Clams were tiny little things, with equal amounts of batter to fish meat, they were surprisingly tasty, well seasoned, and a little chewy which I didn’t mind. Naughty but nice, a little like pork scratchings.

The Lobster Mac and Cheese was probably the most generous sized dish of the night despite only being a side dish. Crammed full with chunks of juicy lobster meat which I kept fishing out of the carton. The Mac and Cheese flavour was a little bland but then again I’ve never come across mac and cheese that wasn’t a little bland tasting.

IMG_3409 IMG_3410Verdict

A place like this could do so well but there were a few issues they need to address. Over all I definitely enjoyed what I ate however the portions sizes versus the price of the items on the menu needs some adjusting. If they halved their prices permanently I feel like that would be a fairer and better representation of what you are paying for.

The wait times were absurd, I hope this was down to it being opening month and the table sharing is annoying but the only solution for such a small venue.

Unless this place turns itself around and starts to offer its customer more value for their money then I can’t see it having the same legacy the other London lobster joints enjoy.

Fancy trying it for yourself? Lobster kitchen is currently offering a buy one get one free on their Lobster Rolls. Head to the website to find out more. Click here.

111 Great Russell Street



0207 300 3324

Opening times: 11am-11pm

Have you been to Lobster Kitchen? What did you make of it? What are your favourite London lobster joints? leave your comments below 

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