3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Personal

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style PersonalToday the Internet is filled with style inspo from influencers and brands showing you the latest looks available from all our favourite retailers. It’s easy to fall into a trend trap of looking like everyone else, especially when certain looks and covetable items get so much airtime on the social media apps we use. Instagram is the #1 place 20-30 something females seek out style inspo for their summer wardrobes.

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Personal 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style PersonalTake the Gucci belt & bag craze, not so attainable for many and so inspired a legion of Gucci-dupe belts and quilted chain bags to flood our timelines. Same with the fugly, chunky trainer trend (as inspired by Balenciaga),Topshop and ASOS are creating their own at a fraction of the cost making designer summer trends accessible for the masses. For me, the problem isn’t high street retailers copying designer brands, this has been happening for decades and will continue to do so when designer brands continue to create a demand yet charge thousands for their goods.

Although most of us follow seasonal trends to an extent, anyone into fashion will always want to put their own unique and personal twist on a look that has the danger of falling into “#trending” territory. I am a big follower of trends in the sense that they interest me and I often incorporate them into my looks. I have also found the longer I blog the harder it is to stay away from fast fashion and seasonal trends.

A more common predicament I find myself in is when the shapes and designs that flood our inboxes and sample rails every season are exact the same – sure a nice problem to have, I know – but still I sometimes find myself in a “can’t see the wood for the trees” scenario. In this instance, it’s the want to avoid looking like every other blogger online whilst still wearing seasonal pieces and emulating trends that I love.

So how do can you help yourself own your own style without feeling identikit to every other girl on the gram?

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Personal 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Personal 3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style Personal


Personalisation is big money for brands now – something automatically becomes more covetable and appealing in my eyes when my initials or something meaningful is stamped on an item (what an narcissistic world we live in, eh?).

My latest personalisation purchase is my new phone case from caseable. There’s absolutely nothing new with putting your name or initials on your phone case but what if you could put ANYTHING your heart desires on it? Your phone case is arguably your most touched/used/carried accessory in your life so why not design it your way.

caseable have a custom service (from £19.90) where you can upload an image of whatever you want onto your case. Think about that sunset you captured on your holiday to Mykonos this year or maybe your most like Instagram photo from 2018? You can pick your case (there are soft and hard case options for all models), upload an image, photo or design to the website, and adjust accordingly. Even add text and a filter if you like. I decided to put a really awesome illustration an artist called Chloe Langer made of me last year.

Want to win your very own caseable custom designed phone case? Head to my instagram to see how.

The case arrived a week after I ordered it and each one is made to order in Berlin, Germany on a “case by case” (excuse the pun) basis with recycled materials to help reduce carbon footprint.

3 Ways to Make Your Summer Style PersonalJewellery styling.

I have always loved my jewellery – I feel its brings a unique and personal touch to any outfit I wear. I mix semi-precious jewellery brands like Ottoman Hands, Pernille Corydon and Astrid and Miyu (more about my jewellery style here) with one off vintage or keepsake pieces I’ve collected along my lifetime and travels. This keeps it unique. Mixing gold and silver is my favourite thing to do and although lots of girls now do it, I still think it breaks up my accessories more. Layering is also key for me!

Trend minimalism.

Wear 1 or 2 trends at the most. You may be tempted to wear your new Chloe bag with the leopard print denim Topshop co-ord AND your chunky new trainers all at once but I find that this is a slippery slope into looking identical to your Instagram explore page. I personally wear 1, maybe 2, trends at the same time at the most and style the rest of my look from timeless pieces I’ve had for a while or staples like denim and basics. Not only does this give your new item the chance to shine but it avoids the look from becoming “tired” and “out of date” a few months down the line.


*This post was written in partnership with caseable. All styling, thoughts and opinions are my own.



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