6 WAYS TO SWITCH OFF, DE-STRESS & GET TO SLEEP…I type this at 11pm at night in bed, with the laptop glowing into my weary tech-face. This is the only light in the room other than the 2 candles I lit to create a relaxing atmosphere. The irony. I lean to my left and pick up a giant mug containing half a litre of Pukka Nighttime Tea and as I sit propped up against a lavender spritzed pillow. 6 WAYS TO SWITCH OFF, DE-STRESS & GET TO SLEEP

SLEEP. GOOD SLEEP. That desirable and necessary state of bliss you want to achieve to whisk you through to the bright eyed and bushy tailed girl you want to be every morning. For many, sleep has become the enemy. At least 50% of my close group of girlfriends struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Obtaining a sufficient nights rest is essential to being our very best version of ourselves. In this #RebalancingMyself post I’m sharing my effective bedtime routine in order to get the best out of my 8 hours.

1.Unplug Yourself

We have all heard this one and yet, for me, it is the hardest to implement. Perhaps it’s because it’s something I have to actually not do rather than do? Turning off you tech at least an hour before bed is scientifically proven to help you ease into sleep faster. It’s not just that endless scrolling means the brains stay switched on due to constant information absorption, but there’s that little thing called Blue Light. Backlight or Blue Light from our devices stimulates the brain to wake up, much like the morning sunrise. I’m constantly glued to my phone so I’m starting by turning my device onto airplane mode 20 mins before I go to sleep and hopefully increase the time over the coming weeks. Baby steps!

2. Create A Nice Space

I am not saying go on a major Ikea rampage and completely redecorate, unless you want and have the ££££. A bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation. I turn off overhead lighting and light a few candles about 1-2 hours before I’m getting into bed. It makes the room smell lovely and the soft light is relaxing for the senses. I also regularly change my sheets, not just for hygiene reasons, but because nothing beats sliding into bed in fresh bedding. I also find a neat and tidy space caresses my inner neat freak, so generally speaking, my bedroom is always tidy.

3. Too Hot / Too Cold

Another scientific nugget: Temperature is key to the body dropping off to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia maybe your bedroom is too hot or too cold?  Both can affect sleep as the body temp needs to drop when you sleep so the room should be a nice 20 degree C / 68F.

4. The Right Nightwear

If you’re a naked sleeper and ain’t nobody gonna tell you otherwise then cool man, but personally I like to wear pyjamas. I have found 100% cotton tops and bottoms/shorts are best as a natural and breathable fabric next to the skin won’t create excess heat or sweat. I can’t stand synthetic satin-y stuff against my skin at night. This rule also applies to your bedsheets. If you are waking up hot or covered in sweat then check the composition of your sheets/pj’s as they may be making your nights sleep more uncomfortable.

5. Enjoying Your Evening Beauty Routine

I’m not just into skincare because I’m hell bent on staying young forever (okay, so that’s a part of it) but I find my skincare routine immensely enjoyable and relaxing. Taking 5-10 minutes an evening to wipe away the days makeup and dirt feels akin to wiping away the days worries and stresses too.

The products I choose to use at night feel especially indulgent and calming. The soothing smell of Lavender is always incorporated somewhere into my routine whether it’s in a hand cream or facial mist. I take time to cleanse my face properly and do some massage to unknot any facial tension too. (Read up on my new favourite skincare routine here). If you’re struggling to find a way to make your bedtime beauty routine more indulgent how about doing a face mask, rubbing a little cuticle oil into your nails and using a nice hand cream?

6. The Human Mind Likes Routine

I’m not sure if anyone else will agree with me but if I ever changed desks at school when I was younger I felt like I was a bit out of sync for a few days. Like my Feng Shui was all drunk. Routine helps me to stay balanced and calm. We are habit forming creatures and your brain and body will thank you for a little regularity before bedtime. As your bedtime routine becomes second nature to you, your brain will start to relax more knowing it’s almost time for sleep.

It’s important to be flexible with your new bedtime routine though, don’t stress yourself trying to create a rigid schedule. Some nights I have a date or dinner, drinks with girls or an event after work and will just get home, remove my makeup and fling myself into bed. But most nights of the week I try and stick to a rough schedule after dinner and I find it helps me unwind.


G’Night x

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