photo 1-1When I posted the shot above on Instagram a few weeks ago the responses from my followers was incredible; everyone loves VITA LIBERATA! I was so excited to try it out…

I am pale skinned. I struggle to take a real tan. When I bake myself in the sun I go red, then white again. It’s only when I gradually build a tan does it ever settle into a healthy bronzed glow – 3 days later I am pale again. GGRRRRRRRRR!%£2%*[email protected]$3##

You could say I have given up. I am embracing pale once and for all but I would be lying to you. I must acknowledge the teeny tiny party of me longing for a bronzed latino glow. Read on to find out more about my new fake tan discovery…

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Why I don’t fake tan

So why I don’t I just shut the heck up and like most women look for a solution at the bottom of a bottle of fake tan? First off there are A LOT of fake tanning products on the market. Like prescriptive skincare it has become completely over whelming! Another fact; sunless tan isn’t cheap so the chances of picking the right one for your lifestyle and skin colour off the shelf first go is pretty darn slim. Money wastage can be high. In the past I have had rash reactions to sunless tanners. It’s a minefield.

Another reason I am not an avid faker tanner is because I genuinely CBA. I’m hard pushed to even moisturise my body post shower, never mind carefully rubbing brown mousse allover myself 3 times a week. Snooze.

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First Impressions

I was kindly sent some Vita Liberata products to test out. I think the design of the packaging is really beautiful and high-end looking. It feels like a luxury treatment rather than a drugstore essential like other tans.

photo 3-1pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse in Fair, £40

This mousse is light in texture but potent with a lot of pigment and delivers instant colour to the skin. The colour blends seamlessly onto my body, absorbs fast and did not gather at all around tricky areas like ankles and knees. In fact it was the easiest fake tan application I have ever experienced.

After 4 hours I would say the colour has doubled in strength. I advise leaving it over night to increase more colour stay post wash off. I would say that there is no getting away from the fact I smell strongly of fake tan whilst I marinate over night.

This tan lasted 4 days and 3 showers before I reapplied and then again for a further 5 days at which point it started to fade out evenly and perfectly, WINNING. No awkward patchiness, no white hands and wrists due to hand washing throughout the day, just beautiful even and natural colour. Make sure you shake well before dispensing onto your mitt so the mousse is at its most potent!

Best if you like a deep but natural looking surfer girl tan that has a maximum colour pay off, ease of application and long wearing.


Please note I only washed with shower gel no loofa or sponges so as not to disturb the tan too much.

photo 2-1SKIN RESPECT Anti-Ageing Luxury Instant & Lasting Tinted Tan Lotion in Medium, £40

For a deep wash of instant colour the instant tanning lotion will give you a quick wash of colour instantly but also develops a little over time. This product has anti-ageing benefits as well – this isn’t something I look for in a tanning product though. Although this tan says it’s instant it also says it develops over 4-8 hours on the directions…No need to moisturise before as this product contains a lovely mix of organic botanical like Shea butter, Neroli oil and Olive oil for silky looking limbs.

The drying time is pretty instant and there is no transfer. There is less smell with this product compared to the developing mousse but the colour is pretty much the same.

Best if you hate the smell of fake tan, don’t have time to wait for it to develop, want a nice bronzed glow with no orange from 1 application with skin-loving anti-ageing & moisturising benefits.


Sunglasses on for the before shot peeps!




photo 1Verdict

These product are brilliant, easy to use, feel great on the skin and last ages – what’s not to love? Well maybe not the price tag, but as a higher end product with organic ingredients I can see why how it is justified. Vita Liberata is the creme de la creme of tans, a luxury yatch holiday in a bottle without the danger of skin damage.

The bottles, although beautiful, have potentially too much information on them. I found it confusing when shopping the collection online as it isn’t clear what exactly each product is called. LONG PRODUCT NAMEZZZZzzzz.

This product is amazing but the shopper journey on the site is confusing. There is a tan quiz you can take on the site though which recommends your most suited colour of tan and another quiz which recommends what product type you might enjoy. Again, information overload! This would work better if it was streamlined into one. Take the quizzes here.

You can also Buy Vita Liberata at feelunique > click here.

Style Lobster Tanning Tips:

  1. Do not moisturise pre tan. This will disturb the product and create a barrier between product and skin and stop absorption. Always moisturise a couple of hours before application.
  2. With the mousse make sure you have time set aside for development and a shower as you won’t want to leave the house pre shower.
  3. Hilarious mental picture: When doing the legs I like to use a mitt on each hand, this means you can work quicker and more evenly for better and more even results.

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