It’s been a while since I curated a little shopping edit on my blog and there are lots of things catching my eye right now! I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create a little Homewear edit for you guys seeing as the season has changed and it also gives me an excuse to try out a new on-site shopping platform called Showroom.

Showroom allows my readers (you fellow bloggers) to shop directly from my website rather than being sent to different sites if you click on something you like. (Try it /\/\) If you are a fellow blogger then it may be worth checking out for your own blog platform. I think it’s pretty easy and stylish to use. Let me know what you guys think of the experience!

The Edit

I always feel the need to make a few updates to my flat when summer slips into autumn. The candles come out, the heavier bedding goes on, along with faux fur pillows and chunky-knit bed throws like the ones I’ve pinned above. I am also loving adding metallic accents and retro-inspired wooden touches to my personal space.

Anything knitted with a faint Scandinavian theme also gets me going (see the Atta Pyntta Pom Pom Throw) as well as clean lines and geometrical angles (Tingest – Pythagoras Candle Holder). I’m particularly fond of filling the house with seasonal smells. I like to pick woody and amber scented candles this time of year. Tom Dixon’s London Collection candles brings the outdoors inside and fills rooms with smells of red brick, London parks with crocuses and nettles and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham. They also have very covetable copper vessels with marble lids to keep after burning down.

Other interior updates include the Pink Perspex table. I’m always looking for ways to add a little pink to my life without it looking like barbies Dream House. I love this Karter Jolly side table, which comes in a variety of pastel hues as well. I think its pretty reasonable price too!

This is probably my favourite find in this Edit; the Uashmama Rose Gold Paper bag vase. Such a beautiful little design, giving the feel of unwrapping fresh market flowers or plants but in a more permanent and artistic way that last forever. Only £10 as well. If you know a plant junkie then get them this as a gift!

I also tend to throw more dinner parties as the colder months descend. It seems everyone is in a party mood and not a weekend goes by without me and my group of friends trying a new cocktail or polishing off another bottle of wine at my house. I love these copper bottomed glassware from LSA, so chic and simplistic. Likewise, when we follow up a dinner party with a round of coffees I like to serve up espresso in matching cups and saucers. This pretty white and gold accented set by Snowden Flood has London Rivers etched into them. So cute!

How are you updating your domain for the new season?


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