Easy Italian: Gnocchi with Streaky Bacon and Peas

photo 2Cooking needn’t be a labour of love! I find preparing a meal quite therapeutic but we weren’t all cut form the same cookie cutter. Lot’s of my friends literally CBA when it comes to preparing meals and often find themselves in a tedious cycle of the same three dishes.

I put together this is a super easy lunch or dinner which you can prepare in under 15 mins! It only requires a couple of ingredients but is still super flavoursome.

Gnocchi is a pillowy potato pasta which when cooked from fresh is ready in 3 minutes. Streaky and smoked bacon has way more flavour and crisps up better than regular back bacon.

Ingredients – for 2
Fresh Gnocchi pasta I would say 15-20 balls per person
10 rashers of streaky bacon
50g of frozen peas
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil

photo 1


  1. Bacon goes on a foil lined tray under the grill on 200 degrees C, turn when crispy on top after 7-10 mins. Alternatively just fry it.
  2. Add the peas to a small saucepan and the gnocchi, with a glug of olive oil and pinch of salt, to another. Boil the kettle and pour water into each saucepan.
  3. Turn on the heat to medium. When the gnocchi water starts to bubble count 2 mins and then turn off the heat. The peas will be ready after 5 mins of simmering.
  4. Check on the bacon turn if needed.
  5. Once gnocchi and peas are cooked chuck them into a colander to drain the water and then add another glug of olive oil and some salt and pepper to taste. Toss this around so it’s all coated in the seasoning.
  6. Once the bacon is done cut or tear into one inch bites. Throw that into the colander mix it up, then serve onto plates.
  7. Finish by finely grating Parmesan over each plate.

Bon Appétit



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