I made that photo “collage” above and now it’s freakin’ me the f**k out. #millionselfies

Although I’ve been BLogginzzz for about 18 months now I haven’t ever really spoken about myself! Obviously my posts are based around my opinions, ideas and sometime techniques but my own personal person has never really had the spotlight. I saw a post by the cute Rachel Kellis over at alittlegrey blog and decided to totally cat her style and do a “Currently” Tag post.

Not sure if I’ll post it though so I guess if you are reading this then I did.

Currently I am…

Excited to: get to 10K followers on my youtube channel. I’ve been really slack with posting but the fact I just hit 5k has really spurned me on to post more regularly.

Admiring: Pandora Sykes style. Oh em gee, a week doesn’t go by without me doing an uber stalk on everything this girl puts on her body. She also rocks a bob that makes me want to cut all my hair off. Pandora just stop!

Wearing: (OH NO I DIE) an American Apparel grey marl teeripped mom jeans and battered cowboy boots. Casual Monday attire.

Listening to: Silence. It may shock a few people to know this but I usually prefer the sound silence over music. When tasked with putting music on I get really stressed and indecisive. Unless it’s ABBA. I love ABBA.

Wishing: That life came with a map. Where am I going? What do I want? Who am I? lol

In awe of: My boss Jade. What an incredible woman; Director of hair and makeup at Jed Root and only 27 with a gorgeous daughter and owns the most pairs of Chanel trainers I’ve ever seen in my life. BIG UP.

Craving: Pipcoul de Pinet. I drank this lovely dry white wine for the first time on the weekend and I can’t get out of my head. Alki much….

Determined to: Get a tan. My first beach holiday in 2 years is happening in 14 days and counting. They do say a tan is the best souvenir.
Anticipating: Fashion week..always a headache, always crazy. Love to hate it.

Feeling: like Mondays are always better with a glass of wine in zee hand.

Happy about: the fact I just smashed my most views ever on the blog. CHEERS GUYS

Reading: The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh. I love a wartime romance novel.

Appreciating: My little doggies at home (Agnes and Martha: click to see their instagram tags). Nothing beats the love of an animal. So rewarding. Awww mush.

Irritated by: The fact the washing machine broke, the landscapers are taking ages to finish the garden and we have waited months for a wheelie bin. I think they call those first world problems? Will shut up now.

Inspired by: the ever-badass Leandra Medine of Manrepeller.

Planning: My next VLOG which is a Real Techniques Bold Metals full brush collection GIVEAWAY. That was a juicy mouthful! Check back this weekend!

Regretting: This whole bag of hand cooked cornish sea salt and west country cider vinegar family size bag of crisps. Somebody stop me.

Loving: nuff said.

Unsure about: Whether or not I should finish this bag of hand cooked cornish sea salt and west country cider vinegar family size bag of crisps. Somebody stop me.

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