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micro journalling

I was meandering through that really cool part of Urban Outiftters the other day, picking up all sorts of beautiful. cool crap that I couldn’t live without when my eyes fell upon a book. One Line A Day is a five year memory book. It is meant to encourage the owner to jot down a memory, a simple sentence, feeling or moment that you experienced that day. I thought the idea was simply lovely. I have always loved keeping a diary and my is blog is an extension of that passion. I filled endless diaries as a young girl and even more as a confused and angst filled teenager, looms of notebooks scrawling indecipherable memories and emotions that become so vivid again when I re read them.As I’ve grown the need to pour my heart and soul into a lined and padlocked journal has diminished. I’m also a time-poor woman who cannot dedicate 30 mins to journaling every eve.

Admittedly I’m too distracted. The One Line A Day concept of micro journaling has revived this interest on a macro level. I feel like by micro-blogging/journaling, whatever you want to call it, I am breaking off a piece of me and immortalizing it for future me to look back on. As busy humans we have thousands of thoughts and tens of hundreds of interactions a day. Some we want to cherish, some we want to forget and some are so average that by writing them down and looking back on them in 20 years they all of a sudden become distinctly un-average.

I look forward to 5 years from now (May 5th 2020) when I pick up this micro journal and a little sentence transports me back to what was the defining thought, feeling or action that took place in my life exactly one, 2 or 3 years ago on that very day.

I’m in love with the idea that this little book celebrates not just the noteworthy moments in my life but the unmemorable ones too because it’s an accumulation of all of these days, these blocks of dates, that in the end, build a life. A very average, truthful, real and human existence that is and was me.

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