IMG_9245YAY another brunch venue to review that’s NOT in central London and it just so happens to be a beautiful sunny Sunday, as well! I am treating my boy to a brunch jaunt down in Wandsworth Common home to a new and promising sounding cafe. Head chef Adam Andrews is a Kiwi with a penchant for indie, hipster brunch joints. I have know the guy through my boyfriend for 6 years now and for the last year have followed him round all his previous brunch joints and today he brings me to Flotsam and Jetsam.

IMG_9268 IMG_9232First Impressions

Just off Wandsworth Common, Flotsam and Jetsam sits all squeaky, clean with a bright newly painted facade.IMG_9252We enter and I am immediately distracted from the over populated and noisy restaurant by what can only be described as a breathtaking baked goods spread; peanut butter jam donuts, salted caramel brownies, Afghan chocolate biscuits, 4inch deep creamy cheesecakes….watch out you’re dribbling.

I’ve made up my mind, no matter how long it takes to seat us I am staying so I can have a go on this sugary spread.

IMG_9257It’s 12pm and the restaurant is pretty chaotic. Although from what I can gauge the staff are all New Zealand Hipsters but the crowd is a mix of yummy mummies, family vibes with some youngsters mixed in.IMG_9226The menu is more adventurous than similar New Zealand brunch joints like Fields and Milk and I am pleased to find the interior more wholesome feeling, warmer. We nab a corner table, me on a bench which is slightly higher than Rich’s chair. That or he’s sat on a teeny tiny chair. I survey my kingdom…IMG_9227What We Ate

We both opted for coffee – me an Americano and Rich a Flat white. They do Soy milk as an option which is great, even though it’s becoming pretty standard these days. I also tried to Green Juice which tasted super healthy but not to the point where you think you are just slurping cold veggies.

The coffee was really lovely, strong but not burnt tasting. To eat I chose The F&J Bun; a meaty mountain of Pork belly, Black Pudding and streaky bacon with hash brown, a fried egg and homemade brown sauce on a brioche bun. I really enjoyed this – super meaty but not as threatening as it sounds on paper! Maybe less brioche bun and more homemade brown sauce which was sweet and vinegary and delightful, I just wanted it all over my food!IMG_9243IMG_9239Rich chose a sweeter Alice in Wonderland style brunch dish and opted for the light and fluffy Brioche French Toast topped with caramel baked apple and rhubarb with a side of earl grey custard and orange crisps. A little sweet for my palette but it was delicious and the flavours all worked well. I especially liked the mellow aromatic tasting tea flavoured custard.IMG_9235It came adorned in real flower petals, a touch that I have seen a few times recently and begs the question where do these chefs find these edible flowers?IMG_9260 IMG_9263Verdict

Everyone was nice and friendly once the chaos had died down and when we were sat we had plenty of attention from the staff. On leaving we both made a selection from the Baked goods counter.IMG_9262IMG_9255We are truly living in the era of the elevated breakfast. It’s no longer a luxury but a necessity to the young  professionals that can afford it, to spend a few hours a weekend chowing down on creative and fine produce served in a way that excites and inspires.

Pig tail plastic sausage and white processed toast with red sauce no longer cuts the ketchup, brown sauce or mustard. Flotsam and Jetsam is wholesome quality that excited my palette. They aren’t afraid to try out new things whilst remembering to fill my plate and belly at the same time.

I look forward to my return.



Flotsam & Jetsam Cafe


SW17 7EQ


Open 7 days a week from 8am-5pm. Kitchen is open 8am-4pm Sat/Sun & 8.30am-3pm, Tues-Fri.

020 8672 7639

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