IMG_8597WARNING: A crazy amount of food is about to be consumed!

A blustery Sunday spent down in Richmond a few weeks back, led my boyfriend and me to the new-ish American style brunch spot, Jackson & Rye. I have already heard good things and after quick glance over the menu, this place sounded like a perfectly indulgent brunch destination.

Facing the river on what can only be described as a freezing cold, grey day in Feb, Jackson & Rye takes up a big ol’ chunk of the riverbank. A friendly host greeted us and hung up our coats. The restaurant was made up of families, young and old, brunching and whiling away the Sunday, a typical Richmond set.

IMG_8549 IMG_8604IMG_8563IMG_8555Our table was by the big, glass pane window looking out onto the river, making me think how lovely it must be to dine here when the weather is beautifully sunny and warm.

We ordered our coffees and appetisers as well as fresh juices. Our waitress Lia was full of recommendations and knowledge of the food that is always impressive and helpful when you are stuck between two dishes!IMG_8591 IMG_8593Starters

Rich settled on Grilled Shrimp and Grits; a real southern breakfast dish that was full of flavour like a warming, savoury porridge with large king prawns. Nothing shrimp-y about it, although would have been better served a little warmer. The crispy shallots and corn gave the dish crunch, but I didn’t note the chilli kick.

IMG_8588IMG_8592I ate a beautifully balanced and flavoursome dish of Roasted Sea Scallops with a garlicky ricotta, smashed peas and bacon lardons on a bed of peppery watercress. Salty and satisfying for my hangover!

The best appetisers always leave you wanting more!IMG_8600 IMG_8601Mains

For second course I opted for the Salt Beef Hash. The plate was presented with country style potatoes stuffed with the salty shredded beef. Topped with poached, runny eggs and hollandaise sauce all sat on top of a bed of crunchy kale. Kale is so trendy right now. The corn beef hash was browned to crispy perfection. Hollandaise could have been a little punchier /vinegary in flavour. The over all result was a tasty but mellow dish.

IMG_8597Rich won at brunch by selecting an amazing Toasted Reuben Sandwich stuffed with salt beef, sauerkraut on a caraway bloomer oozing with melted Swiss cheese and an added kick of horseradish cream. I tried to get him to swap dishes with me but Momma didn’t raise no fool. X-Rated Food Porn at is finest, check out that naughty snap above.IMG_8598 IMG_8603We were recommended the Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese, which I can normally take or leave, but this was so freakin’ good I popped my top button so I could eat a few more forkfuls. Usually Mac ‘n’ Cheese is a little bland but this recipe was creamy, crunchy and rich in earthy truffle goodness.IMG_8608 IMG_8609As if we needed more food after this All-American feast, but the dessert menu was totally tempting and we both opted for patriotic desserts. The Peanut Butter and jelly cookies and ice cream, was sort of average and the Pecan Pie could have been warmer but was pleasantly nutty and syrupy with a typically thin, New York style crust.IMG_8623 IMG_8615 IMG_8618Verdict

Jackson and Rye’s menu has a really 1930’s American diner vibe with a luxe twist. It’s a pretty slick joint with traditional and comforting dishes. I was really excited about the food and more than happy to have a break from the South American / Mexican influenced menus which seem to have taken over the brunch market, lately.

Warm yellow lighting and dark wooden and bronze fittings create an old school diner feel. The ceiling fans lazily circulating and a chink of glass and soft conversation adds to an air of laid back grandeur.IMG_8620Next time I would love to fill out one of the big, padded, olive-leather booths with a family brunch. Perfect weekend enjoyment and dwelling.IMG_8605Jackson & Rye, Richmond


0208 948 6951

WEEKDAYS 8am – 11pm

SATURDAY 8am – 11:30pm

SUNDAY 9am – 11pm


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