Why I have always been & always will be a Stylish Traveller

I’ll hold my hands up and admit never was I ever the over-enthusiastic gap yah student. Never did I depart from my suburban home post A-levels, with a one way ticket for Thailand in one hand and a canvas backpack weighing down my shoulders.

As far as I can remember from early childhood Travel has always been a thing of comfort, class and functionality for me. I think back to my first jaunts abroad and I vividly remember thinking how jet-set I was even as a precocious 9 year old; plastic sunnies masking my chubby cheeks, matching leisure suit and in-flight essentials packed neatly into a little handbag.

As an adult I’m lucky to live in a world where travel has become so accessible to many and not only are we a generation travelling further and more frequently, but travelling in style also seems to be a very attainable thing to do too.

jean paul gaultier luggage lipault jean paul gaultier luggage travel backpack lipaultWhy Why I have always been & always will be a Stylish Traveller

Shoes, sunnies and handbags are all accessories that come in and out of fashion with the seasons, but one thing that needs to stand the test of time whilst being stylish forever is your luggage set up!

As a blogger I get the opportunity to do many press trips; these can be glamorous stints to Europe and beyond, often staying in hotels and eating in places that my bank balance wouldn’t stretch too in everyday life. Although they are fun and fabulous in every sense of the word, it is essentially work. Looking well presented and stylish is a 10000% must. We are there representing the brand and our own brands, simultaneously.

I have forever lusted over a 12 strong Louis Vuitton trunk luggage set (one day my friends, one day) but in reality the most used piece of luggage I own is a cabin bag. For this lifestyle and travel blog I have partnered with Lipault, who have collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to release a beautiful luggage collection that comes in two colours; Black (with silver hardware) or Burgundy (with gold hardware) pinstripe.

jean paul gaultier lipault limited edition lipault spinner cabin case style lobster lipault Lipault x Jean Paul Gaultier

Within the collection are several different styles of luggage. My favourites for my travels are a very necessary Ampli Spinner, which is a cabin size wheelie case on four wheels seen in the images shot at Kings Cross St Pancras. Paired with a stylish Mix Backpack with front and inner compartments to keep all my essentials handy. Backpacks are always the bag of choice for me when travelling to keep my hands free. Unlike all my other backpacks this one is so very luxe.

Does the Lipault x Jean Paul Gaultier collection pass the luggage checklist?

Durable? Seems it

Glides nicely? Yes

Photogenic luggage? Definitely

Easy spot amongst the shit luggage? For sure – looks like it’s wearing it own little suit jacket J

Other pieces in the collection include Ampli Duffle bag; perfect for over night stays, a Slow Belt bag (v on trend!), a Shopping bag with zip top and a handbag style shopper bag.

If you haven’t heard of the French Lipault luggage brand before they are well known for their wide range of handbags for both everyday and work attire in simple yet stylish designs that are durable, so a worthy investment. The recently opened four stores across London (South Molton Street, Marylebone, Hampstead Heath and Kingston).

stylish cabin bag

Where is your next travel destination? Comment below.

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This post is in collaboration with Lipault.


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