Emily-Nike-74Emily-Nike-78 Emily-Nike-60 Emily-Nike-53 Emily-Nike-50 Emily-Nike-96 Emily-Nike-83 Emily-Nike-82 Emily-Nike-98 Emily-Nike-100 Emily-Nike-87 Emily-Nike-58Emily-Nike-60 Emily-Scarlett-6Last weekend was pretty manic between all the working out and shooting a video, but that didn’t stop me from having some chilled cafe time my friend Scarlett. We caught up and got some lunch in Abbeville Village in Clapham. A cute little road packed with everything from luxury butchers, cheese shops, wine cellars and plenty of eateries to choose from, as well as a few cute boutiques.My outfit was very relaxed but still quite styled. I enjoyed wearing this look so much I will definitely wearing it again and again until it’s too cold for backless mules 😉

How awesome is this dress from H&M? I stumbled upon it when I was returning something in store the other week. I did that classic thing where you end up exchanging your goods for something you’ve randomly fallen in love with in-store, even though you promised yourself you were going into get the cash refund and leave IMMEDIATELY.

I have no buyers remorse though, this dress is me to a T. I’ll let you in on a little secret though, I’m actually wearing it backwards. Although I do like the front, I think that v neckline suits me much more and I also loved the button down back so much I switched it to the front. I threw this on over one of my Nike Pro Bra’s, the one you see poking out is the Pro Rival version. I like that the little tick peeks out of the V neck sometimes.


My go to selection of eclectic silver rings are on my fingers paired with my more minimally design Skagen watch. I love these Boho-esque mules so much! Again, they are an H&M Studio buy but from last season. They feel really Isabel Marant, one of my favourte designers. My bag with the silver chain and leather reptile embossing is from Zara, they never seem to stop selling this style either. I think this is the 3rd season they have had it in stock for.

If you want to see this outfit in action head over to my youtube and see it in my latest Style Video here.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!

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