MY_CHRISTMAS_GIFTS_2015Stepping back from my cheeky christmas bundle above, my gifts seemed somewhat demure, sophisticated and adult-like this year. Shit, when did I grow up?

I was lucky enough to receive a really lovely selection of gifts from friends, colleagues and family, who were all very generous to me (I must have done something right?!). Long gone are the days of cheap smelling shower and bath sets and Barbie dolls. There’s definite luxury theme in my xmas haul, also a little novelty and a lotta booze and if that’s anyway to me sum up then I’m not complaining. I feel like quite a well rounded individual…



When I was asked by my boyfriend and family what did I want for Christmas this year I racked my brain for something I NEEDED. Turns out I don’t particularly need anything, mainly because I always end up buying what I need myself, when I need it. So this year I wrote a list with things that were mainly indulgent extras I wouldn’t buy for myself, like ever. I.E one very gorgeous and luxurious navy cashmere tracksuit from Whistles I have had my eye on for ages! Also this chunky gold Nixon watch with navy face. I’ve been rocking around the Christmas tree in this get-up for days. Never has loungewear been so luxe. Call me Kanye.

One of my focuses for the new year is re-addressing my eating habits. I have suffered from all types of gut problems for over a decade now and I’ve never taken it seriously. More than often than not I indulge in the foods I know with cause me suffering the next day. Now I have my Vitamix and healthy eating cookbooks I feel more than ready to re-educate myself on better, more mindful eating.

Since living with my sister Jessica I have become such a coffee snob. Freeze dried instant just won’t do anymore! I wanted a mini cafetiere for my desk at work and I saw this Copper Barista & Co one and “had to have it”.

The little Prada box and Diptyque Candles sets were 2 very generous gifts from 2 artists I look after. If a teeny Prada Robot bag Charm doesn’t say BLING I don’t know what does! The Selfridges box contains a £100 gift card which I can’t wait to spend (promise to try and not buy makeup with this!).

When I opened up The Chanel Les Exclusives Misia flacon my mind was blown a teeny bit. How absolutely stunning is the perfume? Never in my life did I think I would own a Les Exclusives perfume from Chanel. This one was gifted from the girls at Chanel themselves. It will take pride of place on my bedroom mantlepiece. And as for the booze, well you know what I’m going to do with that 🙂

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and shared amazing memories with your nearest and dearest.

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