IMG_7400 IMG_7395IMG_7409 IMG_7421 copyIMG_7411 IMG_7402 copy IMG_7416IMG_7414 I TRULY FEEL LIKE WE ARE in the midst of an era of labelling ourselves. WE ARE the #hashtaggeneration. No longer does a picture speak 1000 words but 1030 words with its respective hashtags tacked on the end.

It’s been well over 6 years since logo-mania shrivelled up and died after rappers and wags killed the branding trend dead. Suddenly designer-discreet was chic. Fast forward to the tail end of 2015 and we find ourselves in something of a resurgence. Logo and labels are slowly slapping themselves back on all manner of garments and accessories. Is it something to shout about?

It may be my inner narcissist coming out to play but for as long as I remember I’ve loved anything with my name or my initials on it. A month ago I realised an authentic vintage letterman jacket was missing from my life so I set about looking for one. As luck would have it this navy and yellow version was available on eBay for the paltry sum of £25 and there was a bright yellow E on the left breast. SCORE!

Most days I wear this with trainers, girlfriend jeans and tees but today it was quite lovely outside and I still have some of my tan from the Antigua holiday clinging on for dear life, I got my legs out. This Navy Whistles Funnel dress is a winter winner and so warm and snuggly, paired with my Le Coq Sportif Trainers I feel a satisfying blend of sporty and laid-back cool girl.

Yes, I have a new friend with me who goes by the name of Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. An indulgent addition to my wardrobe but I’ve carried him around everyday since I got it (Cost per wear is slowly decreasing!). True the Speedy bags are nothing groundbreaking but the amount of new designers bags I have bought then sold off 2 seasons after boredom set in is a joke. He encompasses everything classic and everything novel about the logo trend. He won’t date but he is so very on trend right now. HE? It. I mean It! BTW these bags are tre roomy!

Fancy some runway logo madness? Check out Anya Hindmarsh’s lastest collection.

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